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This poem is for my daughters who have had their share of troubles. Some minor, some more major. This is for them, and for all the young women out there who have to be brave sometimes in extraordinary circumstances. We are living in difficult, frightening times with the inner cities being home to knife crimes and gangs. Coupled with this are many other hazards for young women nowadays.

Two young girls, one blonde one dark, my girls,

My daughters, grown now. I remember

trips, sunshine, parks, castles,

Ball parks, parties, giggles,


Oh, the sleepovers! Crazy friends, fights, bullies, 

Shenanigans, strange confessions.

It was simpler then

How life changes.

Until hormones raging

Enter the boyfriends staying over

Not, if dad has his way. Ever. They plead.

Determined. He weakens, gives in.

I do too, not knowing

What to do.

Starts off well, until tears, heartbreak,

A hug, a kiss. Mr. Blue Eyes

is not so carefree I say, but girls

in love don’t listen.

Who would?

Don’t trust a player, I cry. Do they take

My advice? Sometimes not enough.

They ask friends, me, everyone,

Make choices.

I sigh.

Now the drama’s nearly over. I tremble.

Expecting the next crisis to come

rippling around the lake.

The waters swaying. It’s stiller now.

They’re wiser.

I’m ecstatic! They’ve escaped their troubles

They’ve put up their moats. Hurrah.

Don’t cry my beauties. 

You did the right thing

The waters yelling.

Nasty slaps, stares, cheats, assorted

Vicious nasties, hooded hoodlums

And gangs don’t make a man

But kindness does, you’ll see

Find your soulmate 

For your own dear castle. Rejoice

my lovelies you’ve learnt 

To be brave and true.

I’m so proud

Of you.

Two girls, older now, two blondes,

Both lighter, my girls, my daughters

Such a sweet reflection

My dearest castle,

My family. 

For all the mothers and daughters out there this poem is for you.

Stay safe and well.

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26 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Castle #poetry #daughters #mothers #family

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      1. Yes, I’m wondering when our school will close. I think it may come soon. At least if we do end up having to stay in we can catch up on our reading and writing.

  1. Quite compelling in the way it pulls at the heart. I like how you let us see the trouble coming and yet it we want to find out what happened. The part at the end how they’re now both blondes was like a touch of comic relief. Nice job!

  2. Long time it has been Marge and I truly hope you are safe and well in these troubling times.

    Loved the flow here. I can feel parental pain watching mistakes with knowing eyes that can’t interfere, just pick up pieces and hope they learn from mistakes. Never trust a player is top advice. The bar lurker often drops into that equation along with the ones offering support in bad times as an angle into underwear.

    I hope you find time to do more BB prompts too. Stay safe my friend

    1. It’s been a hell of a year Gary and now this. Hope you are keeping well. It has been stressful in our house as hubby hasn’t been well and exhibiting some Coronavirus symptoms. With no test it is hard to tell if it is or not. He is on the mend but exhausted. Myself and the girls are staying well but keeping a watchful eye on us all. Take care and yes I hope to write more during these trying times. Stay safe.

      1. Very true Marje. It’s been one thing after another and this is really taxing everyone. My youngest was due to do A-levels this year so he’s effectively finished school with no exams. Granted grades will be awarded, but it’s all up in the air wrt uni.

        Really hope your husband gets well quickly, but as you say…no testing leaves even knowing one way or the other very frustrating. Hope to see more of your work soon too. Might even craft something myself…not a lot else to do! Take care and must keep in touch more.

      2. Gary, yes it’s all very stressful, but on the positive side everyone is in the same boat so the unis will take that on board and hopefully we will be out of lockdown before the new terms start. My youngest is meant to be moving into her new flat in June and my eldest is starting teacher training in August. So fingers crossed it will be much better before too long. Take care. And as you say more time for writing. Best, Marje

      3. Very much so Marje. Like you I hope things have settled by September, be nice to be earlier though as that’s an awful long time to be stuck doing…. hmm.. writing…maybe not that part! One thing I did find rather enjoyable though was looking at the sky and not seeing a single aircraft contrail. A bit surreal even.

        Do take care though and, as you say, fingers crossed x

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