Some news: My Blog Now Has A Mailing List!! Wannabe Subscribers!!!

I’ve finally taken the plunge after six years… yes it has taken me this long to add a subscribers email pop up. You can also subscribe by clicking on the image above, (that will take you to a landing page to subscribe.)


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I had a feeling it would be tricky to do and I was right.

In fact, it is probably the worst blogging job I’ve ever had to do… EEK…

But, the good old happiness engineers helped me. So, I hope it works…

I’d love it if you would test the subscribe to my blog via the pop up! Yes, there is a pop up on my blog which you can add your email address to. I promise not to spam you with lots of unnecessary emails. Just the odd hello, some freebies and news from time-to-time.

Thank you in hopeful anticipation.

I’ve created these three social media thingy me jigys via Canva

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13 thoughts on “Some news: My Blog Now Has A Mailing List!! Wannabe Subscribers!!!

Add yours

    1. Oh, that’s odd. If you’re on a mobile phone it comes up in a small box at the top. On a laptop you shouldn’t be able to miss it as it is pretty big! Lol. It was working the other day as I got some sign ups. Hope the bloody thing hasn’t gone awol…

    1. Joy, I will add it to a widget later as well. The happiness engineers have informed me it is there but transitory, i.e. only visible when you first access the site. It is on the first page I believe…

  1. Have signed up, Marje. It was easy when I got into your website on my mobile phone. Probably takes a while to become operational when we access the site on a laptop.

  2. Yay!
    (but not yay for all the fun we aare going to have going forward until we get these things set up properly!)

    1. Yes I know the feeling I am using so much time to get this set up when I’d much rather be creating, or writing! In fact, I’d rather clean the house than do this and that’s saying something! lol

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