MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer Diary #01

I’m so sad to read Mary’s latest blog. She has been diagnosed with lung cancer. This blog is the start of her cancer diary. She is sharing her experiences through her blog and others in a similar position might wish to connect with her:

Please support and send her your love by leaving a comment on her blog. Annoyingly FB has marked her blog posts as unable to share via the usual share buttons. This is happening to my lovely writing friends in the community for no apparent reason. It is particularly unfair at a time when Mary needs our support the most.

She is a fascinating lady and a wonderful member of our writing community who I have met in person at many of the London based blogging bashes.

If you don’t know Mary Smith, this is the link to her about page:

And her latest afghanistan adventures blog post:

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  1. I wrote a comment saying thank you, Marje and it hasn’t appeared. Possibly in your spam. Oddly my reply to Priscilla showed up. Anyway, many thanks for your support, which is much appreciated.

  2. Wishing you all the best, Mary… Six years ago I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, I’ve served my ‘five year’ term and no longer need regular check-ups. I promise you, your day will come. I didn’t start writing until after my diagnosis, it helped me enormously, a wonderful form of escapism. Lots of love, Margaret. x

  3. Mary is a writer to her very fingertips and this searingly honest blog helped us make sense of our daughter in law’s experience of a cancer diagnosis when she’s been unable to express what she’s going through. Mary thank you fir your generosity. All my love to you on this journey.

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