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Those bloody motorbikes can’t they stop! 1 A.M. no chance I’ll get any sleep. Tomorrow’s the live show. Never done this before. What will it be like? I’ll soon know. Introverted writers, tonight at 9 p.m. I’ll talk live. Bound to be a problem with the connection. We’ll get there… I did it! I listen, damn, I can’t see my weird mannerisms, but I can hear them. Perhaps I should have had some water instead of that glass of wine, stupid faux pas, one or two!

On Saturday evening I participated in my first Facebook live interview with horror and fantasy indie author A. F. Stewart’s Between The Pages Book Chat. I’m sharing it here so that others can see that even if you are daunted, (terrified) by the idea of speaking live, you can still give it a go. Looking back at the recording there are things I wish I’d said and some I wish I hadn’t said, or repeated as much! It’s funny how we waffle… or I do anyway. Still, if you don’t try, you don’t learn and improve. It’s not perfect but the main thing is I tried. I’m giving myself brownie points for that!

And wondering if I seriously need a haircut! Looking like a lock down woman…

I’ve also been participating in Carrot Ranch Community 5 at the Mic, which is a grand opportunity to share your writing to an audience, in a safe space. You can start by being an audience and then move on to reading your work.

More about that here:

At the Carrot Ranch blog you can also listen to Ellen Best, Anne Goodwin, Paula Moyer, and Bill Engleson: https://carrotranch.com/2020/09/06/saddle-up-saloon-one-shy-of-a-six-pac-at-the-mic/

So, how you feel about participating in live recordings. Have you tried? Does it make you want to hide?

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16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Flash #Fiction #Challenge”

  1. Well done, Marje. It is not easy going on live radio or television. I always prepare the points I want to get across and as soon as I get asked the first question I make sure I take over the show and get all my points made. It works for me.

  2. Yes, I’ve done quite a few live recordings, but never on screen. They’ve only ever been audio ones. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous in any of them, and I seemed to have fun doing them. Sometimes, I think it also depends on the host and wether they’re making you feel relaxed. Something I always remember when doing them I(which I picked up from Sally Cronin) is to pretend it’s just the two of you having a coffee. Don’t think about the audience. That way, you come over more natural.

    I remember that bubble story very well, Marje. In fact, at the first Bloggers Bash, I remember talking to you about that story. It’s one I’ve always remember.

    You did a great job with the interviews. Before you know it, they’ll come naturally.

  3. Ha! I laughed at this line: “I can’t see my weird mannerisms, but I can hear them.” I think branching out to read live is an exciting part of a writer’s life. I learned from the poets how fun it can be and thout we fictionists and memoirists should give it a go, too. Thanks for advocating for live readings.

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