Special Feature – I Read Canadian Darlene Foster, D G Kaye, & Christy Birmingham #nowmorethanever #ireadcanadian @ireadcanadian

I discovered about #ireadcanadian from Darlene Foster’s instagram page:

Today, I am featuring three wonderful ladies from Canada, Debby Gies (D G Kaye,) Darlene Foster and Christy Birmingham. You might remember that in 2019 I travelled to Canada with my two daughters, Natasha and Georgina for a special girls’ trip! We visited Montreal and I absolutely loved it. Would love to go back one day.

So, I’ve chosen to go with a travel theme for the first two books I’m reading for #ireadcanadian

Debby, Darlene and Christy are all wonderfully inspiring, fantastic supporters of the writing and blogging community. As they say in Scotland, lovely lassies too!

I’ve been meaning to read Darlene and Christy’s books, so I thought here’s an opportunity to do so and have a mini readathan!

Darlene Foster is a Children’s author, traveller, dreamer of dreams, teller of tales. Darlene writes middle grade tales about a young girl, Amanda travelling abroad to exotic destinations. The travel appealed to me especially right now as we are unable to go anywhere! So, I fancied being whisked away to the Middle East, (my dad worked in Abu Dhabhi and Dubai and often reminisces about his time there,) so I chose to read Amanda in Arabia, The Perfume Flask.

She has a whole lot more books too!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/supermegawoman



D G Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir #author who writes about women’s issues, life & overcoming adversity. I’ve read D G Kaye before, I loved her writing in her memoir, P.S. I Forgive You, a personal account of the author’s experiences of coping and coming to terms with the emotions experienced after the death of a narcissistic mother. This time, I’m taking a look at a different kind of book from D. G. Kaye, I’m reading Have Bags Will Travel which I think will be an absolute scream! I’ve already started it and find it so witty!

Debby has lots of books to read… check these out…






The lovely, Christy Birmingham… she has the most informative, inspiring and interesting blog: https://whenwomeninspire.com/

Poetry is a particularly appropriate choice as I am releasing a new poetry book soon. With that in mind, I chose Christy Birmingham’s Versions of The Self, which sounds so interesting, personal and unusual.

Christy’s debut collection is Pathways to Illumination which is available exclusively at Redmund Productions: http://redmundpro.com/book-store/pi/  

The book follows one woman’s journey following the end of an abusive relationship. Read how she struggles to rise from darkness, a soul reaching for light, with words that weave hope and despair through the pages.

Christy Birmingham, Owner of When Women Inspire. Taking empowerment and motivation to the next level. Author | Blogger | Copywriter




My blog posts about my trip to Montreal, Canada in 2019:

Looking forward to reviewing these wonderful books soon.

I may not be Canadian but I do love the international feel this kind of promo brings.

Happy #ireadcanadianday!


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  1. Thanks you so much, Marje for promoting this event. And double thank you for including me in your Canadian authors to read. You are the best. Sending huge hugs!!

  2. Marje, what a lovely and uplfting surprise. Thank you so much for featuring me for #ireadcanadian day, I’m humbled to be featured along my fellow Canadian authors and friends. So appreciated, and will reblog. <3 xx

  3. I am a proud Canadian and just found out about I Read Canadian Day today while checking blogs. I do read and listen to a lot of Canadian Authors, but not at the moment.

    1. Hi Carla lovely to hear. It’s a nice idea, that I saw on Darlene’s instagram. I was feeling nostalgic for my trip to Montreal in 2019 and wanted to read some books with a travel theme plus a poetry collection. 🙂

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