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From the international bestselling author of If you love me, I’m yours, Ninja School Mum and Babe Driven.

Genie’s family is in crisis. Their seafront business is failing with the loss of Genie’s grandmother and her legendary ice cream flavours. Genie is determined to be the one to save her family’s heritage, but suddenly her mother wants to sell to developers and leave their shared history behind.

Buying the business and taking on a sixty-eight year old business partner, Ada, with a mysterious past and a gorgeous but distracting grandson, Genie sets out to prove her parents wrong.

Ada’s grandson, Cal, wants to protect his gran from ‘pensioner persuader’, Genie, but soon realises that living in a little seaside town and away from the paparazzi in Hollywood can actually give him time to heal. Hiding in a seafront business with its fiery owner and working as kitchen staff, is the only way he can think of to keep his ex-Hollywood glamour-puss, gran from harm. But his meddling might also ruin Ada’s second chance at love.

Hiring a private detective and learning about Genie’s parent’s past makes Cal regret his own impulsiveness. The information he has unearthed could destroy their blossoming romance and turn Genie’s world upside down.

Genie soon discovers that friends can become enemies and your closest family can have lied to you for your whole life. 

Book Review

Lizzie Chantree writes lovely romance novels and her latest is no exception. Her strengths lie in creating wonderful characters, beguiling settings and simple but effective story lines.

The main protagonist Genie has a lot of relatable qualities, such as her hardworking ethos, her strong sense of duty, and sadness at her family leaving to pursue a new life and business without her. Genie’s insecurities about her looks and the behaviour of her neglectful friends and family flame her vulnerabilities. Her uncertainties grow, making her fear that the people she loves will leave her, and this anxiety spills over into her private life.

Nevertheless, her confidence begins to grow as the novel unfolds. It’s a nice change to see a curvy girl feeling happy and sexy in her own body. It is also interesting to see Genie develop a friendship with an older woman, Ada – a grandmother like figure. That’s a nice touch, as is the references to older people and grandparents in general in this story.

As for the hot guys well they had me drooling… Bailey, Cal, Toby, all of which brightened my days, which is always good, as did Genie’s wrestling with her growing attraction towards Cal and Toby.

The revelations about Cal and Ada and the family add interest to the story too.

There are lovely touches of humour throughout.

And being that I am partial to the seaside and ice cream, (well food in general – yes I do love my grub,) this is pretty perfect. You can almost taste the ice cream, the writing is that flavoursome good!

My recommendation: Get a copy!

My rating 5 stars.

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