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For fans of the musical Hamilton (including my daughter Tasha who is an avid Hamilton fan)…

Vax’n 8, a group of seven doctors from Vacaville CA, performed a rendition of “My Shot” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” in footage posted to YouTube on March 10, with the aim of encouraging people to get the coronavirus vaccine. BY VAX IN 8 DOCS VIA STORYFUL.


Have you had your shot? Hubby and I had ours a week ago now. We had the Astra Zenica Oxford Vaccine. Do feel free to share your vaccine stories in the comments.

This is an interesting article about the vaccine to read: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56375307/

It explains why elderly people (in general,) seem to have less reaction to the vaccine. That explains why my 92 year old dad didn’t have any reaction at all. I was beginning to think he has superpowers! I had a bit of a sore head, sore swollen arm and aches and a weird back pain. Anyone had that? Hubby had it worse… man flu… but to be fair he might have had covid before, so that might explain his more full on reaction.

Either way, get your vaccine folks. It’s better to get flu like symptoms for a day or two than to get COVID. Protect yourself and your friends, colleagues and family. Let’s all do what we can to get rid of COVID.

In the meantime, here are some of my latest books/anthologies about the pandemic. which are garnering excellent reviews. Hint, Hint wouldn’t mind some more reviews…

Take a gander here:


Lockdown Innit is a poetry collection of eighteen poems about life’s absurdities and frustrations during lockdown. Wherever you live in this world, this is for you. Expect humour, a dollop of banter and ridiculous rants here and there. Amongst other delights, witness the strange antics of a swan posing by a bin and two statuesque horses appearing like arc deco pieces in a field. Check out the violin player on a tightrope, or the cheeky unmentionables wafting in the lockdown breeze!

Bestselling author Lizzie Chantree’s thoughts: ‘An intricate mix of observations from the author about how the pandemic has brought change. Some welcome, some not so much. A thought provoking read.’

Author and Poet Sarah Northwood: ‘Lockdown innit is a wonderful collection of predominantly free verse poetry on all kinds of themes experienced during the author’s third lockdown. I am sure many of the pieces will resonate with readers who have also experienced humanities frustrating behaviours during this pandemic.

The discarded masks rolling down the roads and the impact of this on wildlife in the future when landfills are filled, and oceans invariably get full of them is certainly something that has crossed my mind. (Simply cutting off the side strings from the masks before throwing disposable ones away could make a big difference so they don’t get tangled on wildlife!) I’ve also had my fair share of dealing with drivers filled with road rage, presumably from the stress!

The varied mood and tone of the pieces is equally matched with the lovely presentation and wonderful splashes of humour. Emotive and descriptive language is employed to engage our senses and of course my favourite piece is probably ‘This Face.’ Making this a highly enjoyable collection and one I have no doubt in recommending!’

Read the reviews and add to your Goodreads: 


Universal link for kindle: https://mybook.to/Lockdowninnit

Lockdown Innit is the second book that I have released during this time period

The first, This Is Lockdown released in kindle in July 2020. This Is Lockdown is a compilation and anthology of my diaries, poetry, flash fiction and 28 wonderful contributions from international authors, bloggers and creatives sharing their thoughts, poetry, and flash fiction during covid19. Many old friends contributed to the anthology and I discovered many new authors, and creatives via compiling this anthology.

This Is Lockdown is available in a shorter paperback version with poetry, flash fiction and contributions  (the diaries are only in the kindle version.)

Read the excellent reviews and add the book to your to read list on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54431566-this-is-lockdown

Kindle: mybook.to/Thisislockdown

Paperback: mybook.to/Thisislockdownpb

Take care, stay safe and well and get your vaccine!!!

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22 thoughts on “Have you had your shot? COVID19 Astra Zenica #doctorsremix #Hamilton #vaccine #AstraZenica #Oxford

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  1. Excellent, Marje, I enjoyed that. I had my first vaccine about six weeks ago. At the time I already had a few side effects from radiotherapy so if the vaccination gave me any they were hidden by my cough and tiredness. I didn’t even have a sore arm.

    1. Hi Mary glad that you didn’t had too many problems from the vaccine. I had a mighty sore swollen arm! As did hubby. I’d say it’s worse than the flu shot but glad to have it. A small price for staying safe and keeping others safe too. Glad you enjoyed the video. Xxx

  2. Marje, I haven’t seen Hamilton but from the music here this will be the first London show on my list! Great video, brilliant message and love the diagrams of explanations. Had mine a week ago and got high fever for 24 hours exactly! Small price to pay for feeling so much safer… hope second one is on time! Have a lovely weekend with your family! Xx

    1. I watched Hamilton online with my daughter who is a huge fan. I thought it was an excellent musical. Glad to hear you’ve had your first vaccine without too many Ill effects. A lovely weekend to you and family too. xx

  3. Thank you for sharing this funny, and in my meaning also very important video, Marje! Congratulations for beeing vaccinated. Here we are having to wait, a much more longer time, and have booked the next lockdown. ;-( OK, HomeOffice like in the past. Have a beautiful weekend! Michael

    1. My pleasure Michael. We all need some cheer and it is a crucial message. Hope you have your vaccine soon. All the best for a lovely weekend and a time free of Lockdown to come. Marje

      1. Thank you again, Marje! We will get our shots, even we have to wait für Sputnik-V. I never would have thought that Germany would suddenly see the Russians as friends. Lol Enjoy your weekend! Michael

      1. So sorry to hear. Yes stay safe and well. Now I’m back at the school
        staff and pupils are being tested twice a week. A lot of staff still awaiting vaccines. So hopefully we will keep the infection rate down. Hugs. X

  4. My daughter and I saw Hamilton before all of this and loved it!
    I’m still waiting on my shot. Up next I’m told. My daughter got both doses and had a really strong reaction the first shot that lasted a week. Second doses was only a day. Xo

  5. I love that video Marje. I posted it to facebook, thanks for sharing it. I had my first AstraZenica shot this week. I was really tired, achy and yes, a sore arm, but nothing too bad. I am proud to be part of the solution, not the problem.

    1. Me too, Carla great video. Glad to hear that you had your shot and glad you’re not feeling too bad after it. Yes it’s good that more people are getting vaccinated. Here’s to happier times ahead. 🙂

  6. Hi Marje, I’m glad you and hubby got your shot and recovered well from the after-effects. My parents get theirs in a few days and I’m glad they will have them. I will likely be getting mine sometime in the summer. Here in Canada we have had delays. Stay safe, and wonderful to hear about your great book reviews!

    1. Hi Christy. Good luck to your parents for their shot. My girls will probably also get them in due course. I hope my youngest gets hers soon as she has asthma. Yes glad about the fantastic reviews and working on the paperback at the moment. 🙂

  7. Hi Marje, A great post. Australians are only just starting to get our jabs and our supply chain is finally starting to ramp up. I’ll have to wait probably another 3 more months. Toni x

  8. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦

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