#NewRelease Golden Healer by @Marjorie_Mallon #YA #Fantasy – Shelley Wilson Author

Thank you so much to fellow YA author Shelley Wilson for her blog post celebrating the release of Golden Healer.

Do pop over to her blog… to read it at source and to find out more about Shelley.

Source: #NewRelease Golden Healer by @Marjorie_Mallon #YA #Fantasy – Shelley Wilson Author

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13 thoughts on “#NewRelease Golden Healer by @Marjorie_Mallon #YA #Fantasy – Shelley Wilson Author

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      1. Yes, quite a lot really. It’s had an extensive content edit by Heena and then NC editor did the proofreading final edit. After Heena’s suggestions worked on and added to it. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on this super review, Marje! 😀 The book sounds fantastic and not often a reviewer will say they would like to go right back and read the book again! 😀

    1. Aww, thank you, Annika it has certainly given me an enormous boost with Book 1, Bloodstone which will hopefully impact book 2, Golden Healer. I’ve worked so hard on this series, it is the most demanding project I’ve had. The thought of writing book 3, (if I get that far,) is making me quake in my boots! Bit of a labour of love! Lol 🙂

      1. Marje, I’m in awe that you’ve published the second in the series and feel for your troubles along the way. I’m so happy for you that its publication has given a boost to Bloodstone as well! Maybe book 3 will be a breeze?!

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