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Variety is the Spice of Life is a collection of poetry and short stories about relationships with others, including pets and animals inhabiting the world around us. The connection with others brings love and friendship, excitement and sometimes surprises, danger, mystery and sometimes the unexpected.

The poetry explores human nature, the fears, desires, expectations and achievements. Nature offers a wonderful opportunity to observe animals both domesticated and wild. Even in a back garden you can observe a wide variety of creatures and the daily challenges to survive a harsh environment.

The short stories introduces you to a healer whose gift comes with danger, a neighbour determined to protect a friend, a woman on the run, an old couple whose love has endured, an elderly retired teacher who faces a life changing accident, a secret that has been carried for over 70 years and a village who must unite as they face devastating news.

My review

Variety is the Spice of Life by Sally Cronin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful collection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories about life, love, getting older, experiencing as well as cherishing the world and all its magnificent inhabitants: birds, cats, bees, and much more! It certainly lives up to its lovely title: Variety is The Spice of Life and its fantastic cover.

The collection starts with three lovely poems, two to take us with the author on a journey and one to celebrate friendship, love and family: Pilgrimage, Expedition, and Kinship.

There are many relatable pieces including these favourite flash and poetry combos: Bear Witness and Face In The Mirror. Loved the last line: “I’ve morphed into my mother.”

Ha, this is me too! Not that I’m complaining. My mother is a wonderful human being, so if I have morphed into her I have nothing to worry about.

The Waltz is so cute, and my other favourite poems in the collection are:
The Moonlight Concerto,
Dress Rehearsal, Dolphins
Origins ( sad and poignant )
Strawberries ( the words are written so well that you can taste them – the strawberries I mean… not the words!)

Flash and poetry favourites include:

Useful… to be so, with a smile, is a wonderfully good thing to be!

The Robin’s Size Doesn’t Matter and Starlings, Neighbourhood Cats, all were delightful as were all the other garden gems.

The collection ends with a bunch of fantastic short stories.

The Neighbourhood Watch, is one for cat lovers, with a marmalade cat. In The Green Hill we are treated to a poignant long lasting love story. Sadly, there are more serious tales with mentioned abuse in On The Run. There is a touching family tale in The Secret, and a positive and light-hearted tale about getting older in The Home Help, and more besides!

Something for everyone in this lovely collection!

Highly recommended. 5 stars from me. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. Hi Marje, What a lovely, deserved, review of dear Sally’s latest book Variety is the Spice of Life, and what an attractive cover…Must grab it asap. Cheers. x

  2. Congratulations to Sally on this wonderful review. I have this book waiting on my ereader for me and look forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Marje 💕🙂

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