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“The world of Chasing Shadows is Steven’s creation and it’s as good a Steampunk world as you could wish for. Great airships ride the skies, gleaming locomotives power between cities. Coal dust is everywhere as is the detritus of developing technology.” – Richard Dee – author of sci-fi, steampunk and cosy crime novels

“Smith’s world-building, particularly regarding the various factions, is rich and convincing. Through this world, Captain Edison Crow’s motley crew leads the reader on a breakneck journey full of adventure and intrigue.” – A.K. Alliss – cyberpunk and fantasy author.

As captain of the airship Arcos, Edison Crow and his childhood partner in crime, Selah, lead their crew in search of a big payday. When it comes to the pursuit of wealth, nothing is out of the question for this band of charming rogues. Smuggling. Theft. Embezzlement. It’s all part of a daring game.

But all is not smooth sailing when you’re a high profile thief with a target on your back. A job gone wrong will thrust Edison, Selah and those aboard the Arcos upon a journey straight to the heart of the shady United Republic of the High Commission in pursuit of the truth.

Troubled by his own personal demons, Edison must navigate dark skies if he hopes to gain answers. Will it be enough to help the infamous Captain Crow clear his and his crew’s names? Or will he end up Chasing Shadows?

My review

I don’t read steam punk books very often but when I do I enjoy!

This is my introduction to Steven Smith’s writing and the promise of an adventure onboard an airship with loveable rogues and shadow wraiths drew and kept my attention.

The mystery of the shadow wraiths were woven throughout various parts of the story and later were explained in a way I would not have guessed! I better not say anymore as this is definitely a spoiler.

I enjoyed the characterisation, especially of Crow, and his female partner Selah, both of whom were so well crafted and described.

The ending seemed a little sudden to me. Though, I am pleased to say there is a next story in this series which will no doubt fill in the gaps.

The fascinating aspects, and at times beautiful writing makes me curious what may happen in book two. I liked the intrigue about the poor children and the kindness shown by Maisie.

Recommended for readers who enjoy steam punk, adventurous and mysterious stories with some exciting and imaginative scenes, a burgeoning romance, an underlying political aspect, (the tyrannical United Republic of the High Commission,) and fantastic characters.

An enjoyable and engaging read – would recommend.

My rating 4 stars

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Steven Smith lives in Bedfordshire, in a small town just under an hour train ride north of London. He has a passion for books. He owns and runs a book blog called Books and Beyond Reviews. Stop on over there and take a look! He reviews books there, as well as the occasional author Q and A, guest post, cover reveal and his weekly feature, Friday Face-Off. So in case you hadn’t worked it out, he is an avid reader.

Having spent a lot of time reading and writing his blog, the next obvious step for him was to write fiction of his own, rather than always commenting on the works of others. His first book is Chasing Shadows, a steampunk adventure following roguish airship captain Edison Crow and his childhood friend Selah as they battle through a life of petty crime to tackle a threat to their very safety and that of their crew.

Aside from books, he is a lover of music, films, a range of sports (mostly from the sofa) and video games. He has an interest in all things historic, from ancient to modern.

Check out his Facebook story about his award:

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