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Greed led them in. Destitution kept them there. Adam and Becky Hargreaves stumble upon a foreboding gothic-style property in the secluded Spanish
countryside, and believe they’ve found the ideal business opportunity. But shortly after moving in with Nerea, their truculent teenager, Melissa, their baby daughter, and Rose, Becky’s infirm mother, a series
of disturbing events shatter their dreams of success.

When ghostly orbs and manifestations of the dead roam the corridors threatening their business and their lives, steadfast Adam refuses to believe their home is possessed. As he withdraws from his family, Becky and her sparring stepdaughter Nerea must learn to work together to solve the ulcerating secret
lying in the dark heart of the house before history repeats itself.

What happened all those years ago during Franco’s regime? Why are so many spirits of young children still wandering the halls of the retreat? And who or what evil being is keeping them there?

As rivers of blood run deep within the bowels of the property, the family finds themselves entangled in an age-old promise with the devil. Who can they trust? How can they discover what happened in the blood-chilling past before time runs out?

Only one family member will make it out alive. Who can outwit the black soul and his disciples lying in wait inside the walls of Raven’s Retreat?

Dare you venture inside?

Trigger Warnings: death, child sacrifice, rape, abduction, torture blood, sex.

My Review

This was a engrossing read from start to finish. Creepy, well plotted and intriguing too. Perfect for the Halloween season and for everyone who likes a good creepy and at times blood curdling story. It was darker than I expected and twisted in places too. So not a read for the faint-hearted. Expect creepy house, ghost, coven, sacrificial practices, care home wierdness, witch covens, and sexual scenes in keeping with the imaginative plotline. Excellent storytelling from Michelle E. Northwood. I’ve read her memoir Fishnets in The Far East which couldn’t be more different, shows great versatility as an author.

My rating 5 stars. Recommended read but check the trigger ⚠️ warnings.

Many thanks to the author for an ARC.

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Author Bio

Michele has a First Class Honours Degree in Modern languages, (English and Spanish) and also studied for a Master’s in Highschool Education. She currently lives in Spain, where she runs an English Teaching Academy. Michele shares her home with her Spanish husband, her dog, two cats and two terrapins. (Yes, she’s slowly building an ark!)

In her past life …. (okay, when she was a young woman,) she worked as a professional dancer, magician and fire-eater who toured the world for over twenty years in theatre, musicals and circus. During that time, she was in the Guinness Book of Records for being part of the world´s largest Human mobile, and worked as a contortionist with the Circus of Horrors as their first “Girl inside a bottle”. She has rubbed shoulders with Sting, Chris de Burg, David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer and Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees. She has also worked as a knife throwers assistant, assisted a midget in his balancing act, and took part in the finale of a Scorpions concert.

The author’s debut novel, ‘Fishnets in the Far East: A Dancer’s Diary in Korea’ has won two literary competitions. The sequel: “Fishnets and Fire-eating” has just been released, and the third book in the Fishnet series is due out soon.

Michele is concerned about climate change, the abundance of plastic pollution, and hates the way man-unkind treats the other species that inhabit this beautiful planet we are slowly destroying. Michele loves living in the countryside with views of the sea and likes nothing better than to sit on the terrace at the end of the day, look up at the stars and contemplate.

If you would like to contact Michele, she can be found at:

Twitter: @northwood_e

Facebook: Michele E. Northwood Author

And if you would like to be informed of future releases, giveaways, competitions and free books send her an email to

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  1. That’s quite a trigger warning, Marje, but it sounds like a great read. I think if someone writes horror, they should go for it and trigger away. Congrats to the author on the great review.

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