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Claire Winters is heartbroken when her husband of many years says he’s found a new love and wants a divorce. While having a pity party with her best friend, Jade, they come up with a daring idea. Together, they construct a Voodoo doll and with the help of several bottles of wine, create a ceremony to bring the same heartbreak to Daniel Winters as he brought to Claire. But do they go too far? You decide!

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A short halloween quick and enjoyable read about revenge and the mistakes and shortcomings we have as humans. Any action born out of revenge ain’t going to be a good choice! Not scary more relationship based with voodoo element. Thought the ending was a fun twist. I think the story could be interpreted in different ways but my take was her guilt manifesting.

My rating 4 stars.

Recommended for those who like to celebrate this season but don’t want to read a book which is full of gore, or is too scary.

Jan Sikes is also featured on Robbie Cheadle’s blog. Robbie is sharing a review for Voodoo or Destiny and Ghostly Interference:

Author Bio

I’ve been an avid reader all my life. I can still remember the excitement that surged through me the first time I realized I could decipher words. There’s nothing I love more than losing myself in a story.

Oddly enough, I never had any ambition to be a writer. But I wound up in mid-life with a story that begged to be told. Not just any story, but a true story that rivaled any fiction creation. Through fictitious characters, the tale came to life in an intricately woven tale that encompasses four books. Not satisfied to stop with the books, I released music CDs of original music to match the time period of each story segment. In conclusion, to bring the story full circle, I published a book of poetry and art. I was done.


The story ideas keep coming, and I don’t intend to turn off the creative fountain.

I love all things metaphysical and often include those aspects in my stories.

I am a member of the Author’s Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, Story Empire, and the Paranormal Writer’s Guild. I am an avid fan of Texas music and grandmother of five beautiful souls. I reside in North Texas.

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