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Well, it’s April Fools Day and I reckon we’re the fools and we don’t need no jester. Instead the politicians and leaders of the world seem to be making a right ass of everything. I can’t help but think that if we had acted more decisively, and more quickly to Lockdown sooner, our situation in the UK would not be as grave as it is.

Anyway, I don’t want to make this a political rant. Instead, I’d like to talk about the impact of isolation.

The human race is not meant to be cooped up, or to spend long periods of time alone. Neither are we meant to go day after day without physical contact, a hug or a kiss.

We’re meant to be out skateboarding like Homer from the Simpsons, surfing the waves, chilling on a beach, or sipping coffee in our favourite cafe with our friends and family.

Instead, we are jumping over a Gorge everyday. Let’s just hope we make it to the other side of this Coronavirus.

During times like these we definitely need some humour to lift our spirits. Tik Tok to the rescue, some Jack Black Quarantine Dance.

So, let’s spare a thought for those people who are currently in Lockdown isolation who are at the mercy of Jack Black’s quarantine dance day in and day out! Lol. Only joking. I love Jack Black.

I was chatting to my Malaysian blogger friend Tiffany yesterday about her beautiful bird paintings. These birds make her happy and grateful during this time. I casually asked her if she was with family, friends or alone during Lockdown. She said she was alone.

Please visit her blog to see her beautiful paintings of birds. As we can’t travel at the moment let us go virtually to Malaysia for a visit!

Here she Day 3 of Lockdown on her YouTube channel:

Her youtube channel:

She is doing a diary of her paintings during lockdown.

So do pop to her blog to say hello.

Some links:

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This could be why some get symptoms more severely than others:

Do you have any friends, or family in Lockdown alone? Or do you know of any bloggers and writers in a similar position?

Oh, and whatever you do don’t forget to check out Jack Black’s Tick Tock Account:

Available for free on kindle unlimited and to buy in kindle and paperback:

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Tis the Day of Fools

It’s April 1st!!! What pranks have been played on you today? Or are you the prankster? I went to the dentist – what a way to spend April Fool’s Day for once I was hoping that they were pranking me and my appointment was a joke! But sadly it was not the case….. Enjoy this reblog of a bit of April Fool’s poetry via Charles Yallowitz – Legends of Windemere.

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