Haiku Poetry prompt Challenge #48 Inspire & Loss


RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #48 Inspire&Loss

Inspire and Loss – what a wonderful pairing, I’m going to enjoy this weeks Haiku Challenge from Ronovan Writes.

It’s funny how a couple of words can take you on a strange journey, into a surreal picnic setting with a tree,  a floating piece of grass, and a kite attached to the tree. Oh and a passionate kiss, nearly forgot that! How could I? If this loved up couple move an inch on their picnic playground there’s a chance they will fall of their half bubble of perfectly maintained grass. Never mind that kite, they should have tethered themselves to the tree as well, just in case, you can never be too careful! But passion doesn’t tend to go hand in hand with caution does it? Nope, it sure doesn’t. Oops…..




Kite Boy

Floating grass picnic

Inspires such surreal desire

Sad Loss My Kite Boy



Moving on from the loss of Kite Boy, let’s take a moment to reflect on this still life. After Kite Boy’s gone I think the peacock feather will be plucked, colour dashed, so sad……………




Plucked Still Life

Plucked inspiration

Loss of a peacock feather

A muted still life


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