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I am absolutely thrilled with blue tick influencer, and professional reviewer – N. N. Night’s review of my latest book.

N. N. Lights Review:

A creative approach to poetry and prose I thoroughly enjoyed. MJ Mallon uses her imagination to reflect on life using conversations with the three Fates as a vehicle. I’m familiar with the multiple myths about the Fates (three sisters who guide mortals using the past, present, and future) but never have I read such a tender depiction.

The poems are beautiful and easy to understand. Each poem conveys a moment, an emotion, an experience, which relate to life. Themes detailing a life filled with beauty and love are evident and allow the reader time to ponder.

The prose illustrating conversations with the three Fates is, by far, my favorite part. The writing is imaginative, creative, and flows without effort. The dialogue speaks to the heart of the matter, the reason for everything (both good and bad): live a life well lived.

The writing itself is emotive and has a meditative quality to it. MJ Mallon chooses words like an artist chooses pain colors before creating a masterpiece. Each word by itself doesn’t mean much but when put together transforms the reader. It’s an artform and one I admire.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life or want to escape for a short time for reflection, pick up this book. A delightful, inspiring collection of poems and prose.

Rating: 5+ stars

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5 stars for The Hedge Witch and the Musical Poet by @Marjorie_Mallon @NNP_W_Light #poetry #flashfiction #nature

Thank you to Vine Voice Reviewer N.N. Light for this lovely 5 star review of the Hedge Witch.

Forests are a kingdom unto themselves with magic waiting to be discovered.

I love reading flash fiction and poetry. In this stunning collection, the author writes emotive poems and prose with the theme of forestry. Each poem tells a story, and the reader is left to ponder its significance. The poetic tale of the hedge witch touched me deeply.

The imagery reflected in this collection is impressive. Each word has been carefully chosen by a wordsmith to evoke a feeling, a memory, or even an unspoken truth. The author is a very talented poet and I feel honored to have read this collection.

Five knotty pine stars

My Rating: 5 stars

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Source: 5 stars for The Hedge Witch and the Musical Poet by @Marjorie_Mallon #poetry #flashfiction #nature

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