The copy-editing experience

Reblogged from Sandra Danby. Very informative and detailed advice for writers about editing, writing, submitting.

sandra danby

This is an unusually long post from me today, as I want to write about copy-editing. One thing I wasn’t prepared for when preparing the manuscript (MS) of Ignoring Gravity for the Britain’s Next Bestseller launch was copy-editing. One of the conditions of the contract was that the MS had to be professionally copy-edited. This was something I just hadn’t got around to organising. Cue: last-minute panic. New Hart's Rules 7-6-14It wasn’t that I didn’t know it would have to be edited, but I hadn’t factored in the time needed. The novel has been read so many times, in its many forms and with its different titles, by so many different people, surely copy-editing is just picking up bad punctuation? Wrong.

I am so thankful that a journalist colleague now runs a copy-editing business. Dea Parkin [below] and I go back a long way, I trust her. Fiction Feedback gave me a brilliant…

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