Drops of life

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Peace, Love and Patchouli

She climbs the ladder
Of her life,
Page by page
Word by word,
Higher she climbs
From the sadness she has left behind,
Her can filled to the rim
With every tear she’s shed
Every dream she’s never tried to reach
Every hope she has spent
Every bit of life splashing over.
She reaches the top
Where her hidden garden grows,
High in clouds drifting
She tips her can to nourish her blooms,
Taking care as she speaks to them by name
As the rain falls down
Spreading her love to the earth below,
Her hopes,dreams,tears and everything she holds dear
And the winds blow gently
Sprinkling the people and animals below
As they raise their head up at
The sudden burst
They smile as they feel the wetness
Their faces cleansed
They feel life within
And a sudden burst
As the sun breaks out
And warms the water…

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