The Clock of Life Affirming Energy


There’s a clock inside my head,

Ticking, slicing,

The cogs keep  turning,

The metal never stops




I talk to you, a white divide,

Your lower lip is  open,

My voice clamped shut,

Rigid, a metal brace


 I see blue,

Dreams of you,

Your perfection astounds me,

I clench my jaw and scream.



 My eye is blue, black, iris,

My legs black in motion,

My lashes mascara thick,

I cannot blink.



The pathway of  my life,

Is a cobweb’s mesh,

Fine, illusive,

A Gossamer dream



Those Dandelion seed heads,

Stand atop metal,  blue sky stalks,

My time piece floods,

A blue black rust.



 My hour glass is nearly empty,

It slips and slides,

Filling up,

Last threads of life affirming energy.

Copyright – Marjorie Mallon.

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