How to draw…

This is so cute. How to draw a girl who Hearts Books. Reblog via Girls Heart Books.


…a girl who hearts books.

Start with a pencil.

1. Draw a circle on a stick (near the top of the page or you might run out of space).

how to 1

Balance it on a box, slightly squashed. Balance that on two longer sticks, at an angle.

2. Draw two triangles on the side of the circle, saggy ones that point down, like a parrot’s beak. Add a small rectangle on top of the box then 5 ellipses (egg shapes), a big one hanging from the top of the box, two small ones half way down the long sticks and 2 medium-sized pointing up from the stick ends.

how to 2

3. Now you can start adding detail – a sticky-up fringe, plaits, ears, nose and a huge smile. Rest two arms in the big ellipse and give them two square-ish hand shapes. Make banana shapes from the box to the knees and then more bananas…

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