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Aimed at kids, adults will laugh a lot. Disney just moved the goalposts and combined comic, superhero and science genres to create an intelligent and gorgeous movie, full of charm and style.

Set in the imaginary city of San Fransokyo, young Hiro is an intelligent but aimless nerd. His big brother drags him to meet his classmates and their work inspires Hiro.

Most of the action is fast-paced and compelling but the biggest relationship here is between Hiro and his brother’s creation, a health robot named Baymax. Baymax is the Pillsbury dough boy on steroids. “I am not fast”, Baymax says, during a chase scene.

Others can argue about the science of the robotics and “microbots” shown here. Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Wasabi are the classmates who share the ride and they are all beautifully-drawn and full of life.

Even if you dislike the current generation of animation…

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