Free-For-All Friday #17

Thank you so much to Edwina at Edwinaepisodes for mentioning me in her Friday post link: In Free For All Friday, Edwina picks various blogs a mixed bag of treats. A bit like a pick and mix! Take a look. Reblogging as a special thankyou! Happy Weekend everyone. x

Edwina's Episodes

Welcome to Friday! It’s a lovely day, the weekend is coming and I have some wonderful blogs to share with you. I have a mixed bag of treats for you this week. Everything from the silly to the sublime.

Kyrosmagica This was a wonderful take on one of the challenges that is going around at the moment. A funny and creative effort that I really enjoyed.

Heels And A Toolbox I have been following Vanessa’s blog right from when I first started. She gets up to all sorts of things, and always has a project on the go! This post however, is a little different to what you would expect, but an honest and heartfelt tribute.

Little Steps To Somewhere I have not been following this blog for very long, but I really enjoyed this post. It is light-hearted and funny and celebrates a little triumph that many of us…

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