5 Photos – 5 Days Challenge Day 5 – Serena’s Bubble Monster


I am currently taking part in the 5 Photos – 5 days challenge after being nominated by Annika Perry from


Here is my photo and writing for Day 5.


I’ve had this photo in my mobile phone for ages. Why did I photograph my foamy bubble bath ? I was astonished at how big this foamy bubble bath had become, and as you can see it had quite a distinct shape. I’m glad I did because it became quite a stimulus for this little story below.

I’m ending the five day challenge on a light-hearted note, here’s my cheeky story of Serena’s Bubble Monster!!!

Serena’s Bubble Monster

Serena turned the tap on full blast. The candles flickered creating a relaxing ambience. Serena poured herself a large glass of wine, and gulped it down in one big glug. Then she poured another. Continuing in the same vein she tipped the whole bottle of her favourite scented apple bubble bath in. No half measures. Not tonight. The bubbles grew and grew until they resembled a very large foamy marshmallow, the aroma reminding her of the imagined scent of a delightful apple orchard.

Serena was very hungry and would have been tempted to eat this apple marshmallow feast if she wasn’t certain that it was made out of soap. The white bubbly marshmallow spread out in a most peculiar way, whipping around like an enormous candy floss generator growing bigger and bigger. Boy her low blood sugar level was getting to her! Serena tried to turn the tap off but it seemed to be stuck. The water just kept on coming, gushing out faster and faster. Serena dashed around the bathroom, desperately looking for something to grip the tap with. In the process the towel that she had secured around her body nearly fell off. She found a hand towel and tried turning the tap off again. Still no luck. If the water wouldn’t stop it would start to flood the house, and this foaming marshmallow bubble would keep on growing and growing.


Serena sensed this was beyond the scope of her normal realm of experience. She couldn’t google this. In desperation she shouted for her husband but he didn’t come. He must have fallen asleep in front of the TV,  been listening to loud music, or gone to the pub without telling her. That sounded more likely. Ugh. Men!

She shouted again, and this time, she got a reply, a response she wasn’t expecting.

‘Stop shouting can’t you see I’ve got an important job on. You’re agitating me, and agitated bubbles make for an agitated fellow, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that!’

The bubbles could talk? How peculiar!  They sounded like a gush of water you might hear at the end of a very long ride at your favourite water park.

This fountain of exploding bubbles waved his soapy arms about in distress, sending little clouds of foam tumbling in all directions.

Serena gasped. The bubbles were frothing and foaming and getting more distinct by the minute. The bubble creature was now the size of a little man, who appeared to be frowning.

“Oh, stop it! Will you stop it! Just for a minute, please, Mr what can I call you?” shouted Serena.

“I’m forgetting my manners, do accept my apologies, my dear, I’m …… Mr. Fuming Bubble Monster,” he replied with a soapy frown.

This was the last straw, Serena found herself on the verge of tears. It had been a particularly stressful week, she had run up a huge phone bill, been involved in a minor accident, and had a row with her husband.

“Stop creeping me out, Mr Fuming whatever you are,” she cried.

“Creeping you out, heavens to soap suds, I’m just teasing! Come now, can’t you take a joke? How could a Bubble Monster be creeping you out? I’m just made out of hot steamy water, and friendly bubbles!”

Serena saw her mistake, really it had been an overly stressful week. “Now that I look at you more closely I don’t think you look frightening, but I’m not sure what you are. You’re flicking bubbles everywhere, and if you keep this up you’ll flood my house.”

“I don’t flood houses, well not often, only when I’m very cross. Today I’m in a good mood. I loved your apple bubble bath by the way, what a lovely smell, so fresh and inviting. Lovely candles too, just what the doctor ordered, Serena, you have a great taste in bubble bath. I love your name by the way, Serena, very Serene. It’s just about good enough to eat, oh, not you, my dear, your bubble bath. I feel like a new, improved Bubble Monster now. I needed that so much, and lots of hot water, it’s so important, you’ll see, just one second,” the bubble monster  reached over with his foamy hand and turned the tap.

The tap groaned, and shrieked as if it was in terrible pain and then the water stopped.

“How did you manage to do that?” asked Serena, her forehead creasing with confusion.

“Bubble magic. Next time you run a bubble bath, remember my motto: Bubbles are magic, and magic must never ever be wasted.”

“Oh, now I see, you’re cross with me for emptying the whole of the bubble bath in.”

“Of course, I am, well said,” said the bubble monster as he started to slowly dissolve, his foamy body disappearing one bubble at a time down the plug hole.

“Hey, don’t go,” said Serena, dashing forward as if she was about to catch him.

“Sorry I’ve got to rush. Shame really. Tut Tut my soapy radar tells me someone else is up to bubble mischief.”

The Bubble Monster shook his soapy head, sending specks of bubbles everywhere.

The Bubble Monster began to shrink in size. Soon there was nothing left of him but his neck, chin, and his head, all of which were resting right by the plug hole.

‘We’ll meet again, my dear,” replied the Bubble Monster, his words barely audible, as parts of his head  started to disappear.

“When?” asked Serena.

The Bubble Monster had to race to answer, his words speeding up, faster, and faster.  “Soon. I’m sure of it. Buy more bubble bath. Light more candles.  Atmosphere is everything. Don’t use it all, but don’t be stinggggy.  I’ll check. Take care, Serene Serena. Have a nice bath…..     YIKES…….G O O D B Y E EEEEE…………”

He managed one final lop-sided grin, and a mischievous bubbly wink, and then he was gone.

© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica.
Words good or bad, are my very own!

Now for the rules of the challenge:

‘Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.  Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.’

Today I would like to nominate:https://ladyleemanila.wordpress.com/

I hope you might like to join in this challenge and I look forward to seeing your post if you do.

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Bye for now!

Marje @ Kyrosmagica  x

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