Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #52 Silent & Loud.


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #52 Silent&Loud


This week’s image from Ron is Meridith, of Meredith’s Musings. Most definitely a blog to follow if you aren’t already.

At the moment the building work is progressing in the kitchen but unfortunately we have had a few problems, everything seems to be going on the blink. Today, the washing machine decided to pack in, just after it finished a load of sheets, can’t get the blooming door to open, and our boiler isn’t working either. So loud bangs with boilers accompanied by silent washing machines, such is life!

So Silent and Loud seem quite appropriate prompt words. How does Ron do it, is he psychic?


Washing Machine Woeslaundry-149854__180


The loud beep beep cries

A final spin forget it

Silent no chance mate


The next haiku kind of happens sometimes in our house, we have this mad bird who takes great pleasure in dive bombing our lounge window. Very strange. I think the bird sees the wall opposite which is painted green and gets confused. I’m always amazed that this bird keeps on coming and survives ! He’s real cute too, just wish he wasn’t so daft!


Anyway, let’s hope that nothing else breaks down, or I might be joining the bird banging my head against the window too!



Our visiting crazy bird isn’t a hummingbird but I liked this photo so allow me to introduce you to the Dive Bombing Bird:


 Dive Bombing Bird


Loud music plugged in

Silent bird dive bombs window

Confused by the green


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