Edinburgh Festival: Photographs of My Art Gallery Visit


A fantastic motto to live your life by, Martin Creed’s message: Everything Is Going To Be Alright. Keep positive folks…. Yes, Everything is alright, my mum is doing really well after her operation, I’m so pleased, and relieved. She’s such a strong lady, I’m in awe of her really I am. My brother mentioned that he thought he’d have to wheel her out of the hospital after her operation but no my mum was up on her feet telling the nurses she wanted to go home! Amazing!


I thought I’d share with you this visit to the Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art. It was one of the highlights of my trip to Edinburgh as I got a chance to go out with my mum, just the two of us, which was a treat in itself. She is still a bit delicate after her operation, no dancing for a while yet, so we had a coffee and a chat in the café and afterwards I did a super fast tour, while she read a book and had a well deserved rest.

I always like to pop into these two art galleries when I’m in Edinburgh. This time I just managed to go to Gallery One, but that’s alright as Gallery One is my favourite, it’s always full of inspiring art, has a lovely shop, and a coffee shop too. It is well worth a visit if you are ever in Edinburgh. Currently there is an exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein’s work at Gallery One, as part of Reflections, which is on until 10th January 2016 so still plenty time to see this free exhibition. The gallery is located at 75 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3DR, and is easily accessible via bus.



These images caught my eye as I went up the stairs, I liked the idea of looking through the window panes and seeing the view divided into six panes of awesomeness! So I nipped down to the café and told my mum that I wanted to take some photos, and then I popped up the stairs to snap these two images. Yes, I was running around that gallery like a sprinter. We were on a tight time frame, it really was a flying visit, as I was going out later in the day to the …….. yes you guessed it, the Book Festival.


Here’s another  view of the same spot from the outside, with a Miró sculpture in the foreground.


Oh and on the way out…. I came face to face with the Sunken Statue, on the way to….. the bus stop!


Kind of sinister isn’t it? This is what happens to you if you spend too much time in art galleries you sink into the concrete of life and partially disappear! That unsuspecting lady and her child making their way out of the gallery better watch out, they’re heading for a Doctor Who moment if you ask me, they’re following the straight line to oblivion! Poor unsuspecting fools. Yes, the sunken statue doesn’t look too happy does he? Can’t blame him, whatever has happened to his nipples? They look hammered in. Must be the shock, poor chap!!






Hope you enjoyed my post, have you been to any wonderful art galleries or sculpture parks recently? Or had any Doctor Who moments recently?

Do comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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      1. Yes, I normally travel up with my daughters, (I used to live in Edinburgh,so it’s kind of like a home from home,) missed them this time, and the hubby too! Hopefully they’ll be able to come up with me next time. I normally go up a couple of times a year to see my mum, dad, brother etc…..

  1. So pleased to hear that you mum is out of hospital and is already up and about, Marje.

    Love your photography in this post. Sounds to me as if you are having a wonderful time? I do feel sorry for that poor statue. I just hope nobody trips over him. As for Doctor Who – I’m looking forward to the new series which begins on 19th Sept. I wonder if that statue will feature in an episode?

    1. Thanks Hugh, yes it’s such a relief that she is doing so well. Glad you liked my photography. Back home now with hubby and girls. Enjoyed my break in Edinburgh. Now that would be something if that statue featured in a Dr Who episode, tempted to write something just in case!

  2. Oh you seems you enjoyed your time there! The view from the window looks so nice and very serene.. I hope you had a lot of fun! 🙂

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