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I just found this in my draft folder, seem to have forgotten to post this, the powers of my memory are obviously declining. So here goes…..

I took this photograph of the Cutty Sark the evening we picked up my eldest daughter and all her possessions from her University at the end of term, she needed to vacate her flat.

Her first year gone already, how did that happen? Eek, time is flying past too fast. Slow down, dearest, I can’t keep up with you. Anyway getting back to her vacating the flat when I say all her possessions I mean all her possessions! All apart from her crutches no we left those behind, (she broke her ankle this term, poor girl,) hope those crutches don’t come in handy to the next person renting her room! No more broken ankles me hopes.

Luckily we just had enough room in the car for the rest of us and no more, we couldn’t have squeezed another tiny person in there believe me. Girls and our belongings! I tell you half of our car boot was filled with her university books, well this she could be forgiven for, she is a English Literature student after all! My husband commented that when he went to university all he had was a large rucksack! Nowadays an oversized rucksack would just about do for her books, and you wouldn’t want to carry those on your back and that’s a fact!

We travelled back to London from Brighton and had a fantastic night out in Greenwich, and stayed overnight at my sister in law’s house. It was a truly memorable night, we had a lovely meal and ended up in a pub singing along to a band.

There must have been some kind of event on at The Greenwich Observatory as there were several classic cars on display as you can see, very posh!


Here’s a couple of photos of this fantastic evening view, I couldn’t quite do it justice, I need a better camera, I just took these on my mobile phone. But still, I think it gives you an indication of what a beautiful night it was.



On the way to the pub a young man ran by us and threw lots of pound coins on the ground! I don’t know if he was drunk, or just wanting to share his money with passing strangers! A kind contribution for next year’s rent for my daughter? Perhaps!  Given how much her annual rent costs all donations even pound coins gratefully received!

Oh, I do attract these kind of uncanny happenings, I wonder what it is about me?

Mustn’t complain it does give me lots of ideas for stories!

Such a funny and memorable night, I’ve been intending to share this with you for ages. It’s taken me a while to get around to it.

I hope you enjoyed my photos, all comments gratefully received in lieu of pound coins! Next year’s rent is looming…….


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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  1. I can only throw lil imaginary stars hahaha thats not uncanny at all right, wanting to share lil pieces of imaginary galaxies.

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