The 777 Challenge: The Crystal Cottage


Thank you to Annika for nominating me to take part in the 777 challenge.

Here’s a link to her lovely blog so do go and check her out:

I’ve been nominated for this challenge a couple of times before so this time I’m going to have to bend the rules a little. I thought I’d share with you the first few opening lines of my WIP Prologue for my Crystal Cottage manuscript. By the way the title of the novel is still to be decided upon so more about that to come……  I started off with the intention of calling it The Crystal Cottage, but now I’m not so sure, I have other more exotic ideas buzzing around in my head!!

Here goes, a snippet of the Prologue:

Few smell the roses, and myrtle, or hear the distant cooing of doves. They cannot see the splendour of what lies below, as they walk on unaware, taking the muddy river pathway or walking by the meadow, they sense nothing, hear nothing, lost in their own footsteps. Others cast a shadow as they stand, longing for a welcome but never finding it. The chosen few hear silent whispers in the breeze,  the trickle of water, and the vibrations of the earth below their feet. The cracks, and loosened stones are like a puzzle, a challenge, which shifts and changes with each passing day. Lingering because they cannot bear to pass by; they long to discover the nature of the hidden secret that awaits them.

I hope you enjoyed! I won’t be tagging individual people again. So I hope that’s okay Annika !

If anyone would like to share in this challenge please do feel free to join in. The more the merrier….

The Rules of the Challenge:

The 777 Challenge involves going to page 7 of your WIP, scrolling down to line 7 and from there share the next 7 sentences in a blog post. After that please tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their WIP.

Bye for now.



Marje @ Kyrosmagica. xx


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    1. Thank you Ameena, it is written in a slightly different style from the novel as it is a different person who is speaking. It’s interesting that you enjoyed the style I have some ideas where to go with this so thank you very much for your comment….

  1. I love your splendid responses to all the challenges 🙂 Also, thank you for introducing other bloggers. Love the world of blogging! Thank you again, and have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  2. Beautiful haunting prologue. Your joy in writing this really comes across. Great you could take part in the challenge and I’m all for bending the rules.😀 Have a wonderful weekend and may the sun keep shining!

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