Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #61 Tears and Wine


Hey guess what it’s time for Ron’s Haiku Prompt Challenge, and the prompt words this week are wine and tears. Interesting combination…. Yes tears often follow wine. They could be tears of happiness at a celebration. A wedding perhaps, or a birth of a baby. But sometimes unhappy tears follow wine too. Sometimes things can happen on a night out, a lost wallet, or a phone perhaps? Too much alcohol is often the reason! Or in some cases a lost wallet, and a phone. I heard a story about this recently and apparently a very kind person came to this youngster’s rescue and gave her money for a taxi home. Now isn’t that a wonderfully uplifting story? It just convinces me that the spirit of human kindness is still alive and well.

But my advice would be –  enjoy your night out but make sure you are sober enough that you can get home safely, so here’s a haiku with that in mind:


Lost and Alone Tears

Wine drinker’s advice

Deceptive nightclub fun high

Empty wallet tears


Once you are back home safe and sound why not have something sweet to end the evening? As long as your stomach is up to it! Otherwise you might be wise to settle for an alka seltzer. To make it a bit different I’d thought a deconstructed cheesecake might be the perfect choice, or if not, a wine glass full of sweet heart lollipops:



Tears of Sweetest Joy

Produce dessert wine

Deconstruct a  cheesecake dear

Tears of sweetest joy


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© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


Thanks for stopping by Kyrosmagica.  I do hope that you like my haiku this week, and that I don’t sound too preachy. I worry about all those youngsters getting back home safely at night.

Hope you like my new comic me, I’ve had fun doing these, it’s uncanny how it kind of looks like me! My pal Colleen at Silver Threading has been giving me lots of tips, she’s an expert on these Bitstrips cartoons. Thank you so much Colleen.

Bye for now.


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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