Halloween Stuff and Autumn Nonsense


This October I’m doing a lead up to Halloween theme with lots of spooky, scary, and fun posts. As well as this I will be doing some reblogs (which don’t necessarily need to be autumn/Halloween themed but are helpful advice to authors/bloggers, writers.)

Here are some of my Halloween themed posts that you might have missed:


I’ve just finished reading Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell – part of the #redeyereadealong on Goodreads. Highly recommended 4.5 stars. Keep an eye out for my review. After this I’ll be reading the rest of the red eye titles too! So plenty to keep me occupied…

Details of the readalong below:



My short story entry for #BlogBattle:

Blood Moon A Rip of  A Ride. Link below if you’d like to read my entry.


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and I’ve written some haiku Halloween poetry for Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge:


Other Bloggers Posts

As well as this I’ve been nosy checking out other bloggers posts about Halloween/Autumn and thought it would be nice to share them with you, here are a few gems:

First up is this wonderfully spooky cat café in Japan, this really caught my eye:


Fellow #Blog Battler author Rawls E. has a welcome to autumn post, celebrating autumn, October, pumpkins, spooky Haunted houses, hayrides, and cemeteries:


Then we’re off to find some scary books to read, Ramona Wray has some great suggestions:


As does Lipsy, check out these Horror October posts:



And Paranormal, Sci Fi and Fantasy suggestions from Nonnie Jones at Rave Reviews.:


What about a party? That’s always fun, paranormal author Kirsten Weiss is holding a witch’s tea party on 31st October:


Fancy visiting some literary horror houses? Look no further, Flavorwire, opens up its doors to Stephen King, (spider webbed gated front with bats!!) Edgar Allen Poe’s red brick house with eerie basement, H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman (with a phenomenal library!)  Ray Bradbury, Anne Rice, Clive Barker,  Shirley Jackson.


These were posted quite a while ago but are excellent Halloween posts by Donna Parker the lady with the strange sounding blog name that I can’t spell:





Let’s end this on a cute note. What about some Halloween fun spooky lunch notes?


and Colleen from Silver Threading’s wonderful post about autumn:


Annika Perry featured one of my favourite poems about autumn, John Keats Ode to autumn, and has had some wonderful posts just recently, so do check out her blog:


Sarah Vernon from First night Design has some Halloween playing cards, greeting cards, ipad covers, and more items for sale : https://firstnightdesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/so-i-have-a-number-of-faults-said-the-skeleton/

Irene from Irene Design does a wonderful range of jewellery, this caught my eye for Halloween.


Hope you enjoyed all these Autumnal and Halloween inspired posts, I may be doing more of these so if you’d like to feature, and share the Halloween love do get in contact.


Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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  1. lol Thank you, Marje, I was giggling about not being about to spell my blog name – there’s a story behind that and I see you picked as one of my Halloween posts, the Seinfeld one, that’s the show where the name came from. The yadayada joke (I added the ‘darcy’ because well, yada darcy yada). I didn’t know blog names were important when I started and well, there it is. 😉
    Thank you so so much for sharing my Halloween posts – as you can tell I love Halloween!
    And now I’m going back to visit all the links you mentioned and share this so others can find them because I’m in great company here. Thanks again. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, interested to find out about the origin of your blog name. I don’t think I thought about mine too much either, but I kind of like Kyrosmagica so I think I’ll stick with that. I love Halloween too! Thanks for taking a tour around the links etc,…. And hope you have a good week too.

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