Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No: 86



The prompt words this week from Ronovan are Flash and Dance.

I’ve just started a part-time job in my girls’ old primary school, a bit of a change from my last job working in John Lewis over Christmas!  On Monday I was on supervisory duty in the playground mainly keeping an eye on the kids playing on the climbing frame. On my first day there were kids leaping on kids, a boy with two scrapped knees, a girl who got bark in her eye, and a group of year four girls who came and introduced themselves to me and told me all about the play they were in. They were telling me about their parts, how many lines they had or proudly boasting that their part was a baddie! How outrageous! All in all it was quite entertaining… So I said that my two children used to go to their primary school too and I asked them to guess my daughter’s ages. The first one said, ‘ twenty five! ‘ I said, ‘Do I look that old?’ Then of course the next girl said,’forty five,’ but after that the numbers started to come down, thank heavens! Cheeky devils !

It brought back a conversation I had with my youngest daughter recently. I asked her what she liked to do in the playground when she was at primary school, she said skipping, and playing games but she mainly just danced with her best friend! How very theatrical, and artistically inclined, she’s not changed a jot – she still loves to dance. Her friend likewise is still keen on performing, just recently I watched her acting, and singing with The Young Actor’s Company  in their sell out performance at Cambridge Junction.  Jack Drum’s Entertainment will be playing in Oxford on the 5th of March, and London on 7th March at Bloomsbury Theatre. To find out more about this play being performed by such a talented group of young actors, follow the link:

I can’t say that I saw anyone dance in the playground apart from a tiny hint of a dance when one of the year four girls did a little bit of dancing from the show, just before she got called to have her lunch. That was the moment I was waiting for…… but it was gone in a blink of the eye.

So this week’s haiku is inspired by my daughter’s love of dance:


Primary dancers

Playground extravaganza

A duo flashdance

Here’s the link to Ronovan’s blog so you can join in the haiku challenge:

It’s good to know that there are some theatrical types in the playground, but perhaps that’s enough melodrama for now!

Bye for now,

bitstrips melodrama

Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx




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  1. Beautiful haiku Marje reflective and expectant. Maybe today’s little kids you meet are not adventurous or spontaneous. I can tell you yard duty as a teacher at my former Melbourne secondary college, always clutching the mobile phone on dial was a little more exciting, but then older kids are more versatile in extra-curricula activities if you get my drift!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ha ha !! I bet they were… we’ll see- it’s early days yet I’m hoping there are a few more spontaneous types still to discover. Thanks for your kind comment Denis. 🙂

  2. Lovely haiku, itself a tiny dance. I love your tale from the primary school and the little cheeky pupils. I saw many girls in the primary school performing dance routines, some very good ones so this seemed quite popular. My son would enrol his friends in re-enactments of Super Mario or Spiderman games!

    1. Yes, it is interesting to see how boys and girls play differently. Today I noticed that their drawings were so different the girls were doing rainbows and hello kitties and the boys were drawing action heroes….. the gender differences are so marked from such an early age.

  3. Loved your story, Marje. I’m a retired teacher and have floated through many playgrounds to view the creative play in children. I also remember some girls coming up to me and wanting to share their dance moves. They definitely caught my attention. That image is perfect for the haiku.

    1. Thank you Olga. I think I have a bit of a soft spot for dancers and little actors in the making as my youngest and eldest are that way inclined… My eldest has always been keen on drama.

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