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For Colleen  and Ronovan’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,  #WQWWC –  I’m sharing two quotes, one about the nature of fantasy, and the other about Time.

I’ve also written a poem, which I’ve called If Only Time.. The  poem is inspired by  my current WIP: The Curse of Time.


If only Time ……. 


A shadow blots my landscape,

Black-hearted drifter,

Daring deceiver,

Handsome fellow,

Beautiful hero,

Blight on my heart.


If only time,

Could drive away sorrow,

Life’s caricature of pain,

 Time takes me journeying,

Music fills my heart,

Art enlivens my soul.


At Ten to Three,

Time stands forever still,

Grantchester meadow waits,

Drawing back the veil of Time,

Shutting out the shadowed seconds,

Mighty Krystallos Live.


Two curious invitations,

One beautiful, one not,

Bring me to this cursed moment, 

Climb aboard time’s winged creature,

Experience picnic blue skies,

The church bell sings.


The Grasshopper laughs,

A Black cat poses, 

The field a painting grows,

The mystery fiddler plays,

A melancholy note lingers,

Capturing a bygone age.


This sublime landscape,

Reveals a fractured puzzle,

Woven in art’s design, 

The Golden Grasshopper awaits,

Three joyful, wretched riddles,

Freedom – the precious prize.



Can Amelina halt the shadows?

Time’s merry-go-round of suffering,

The Riddler will decide, 

The rollercoaster grinds,

Rips, tears, groans and howls,

In life’s eerie, blissful playground.



If all fails, I’ll surely weep,

Dread buries in my sunken heart,

Sweet treasured home,  

Protect the cottage from intruders,

Drive out the minutes of darkness,

Renowned Krystallos Heart.



Mighty Golden Healer Crystal,

Mend the broken path of shadows,

Rid us of Time’s Curse,

Save those captive,

Splinter shatter crystal light,

Treasured Krystallos Soul.


© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

My Wattpad link is below – at the end of this post – if you’d like to read some of my novel. Do bear in mind that this is a WIP and not the final version .. I’ve been editing my novel….. and it will soon be getting a beta read so I’m getting nearer and nearer to completing it, and readying it for publishing..  EXCITING!!!!!! So do pop over to Wattpad and give me some support. All comments, shares, likes most gratefully received. x

Here’s the link to Colleen’s blog to join in the challenge: WQWWC – Fantasy

The quotes I’m featuring this week are:

Fantasy mirrors desire, imagination reshapes it.  Mason Cooley.

Love this quote isn’t it the best?

And the one below is for all us procrastinators – you know who I’m talking about! This quote is the most popular Goodreads quote about Time… I wonder why?….

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married


I hope you enjoyed my poem, and the quotes too.

See you soon, bye for now.

If only Time… would stand still!! Wretched …. stealer of our seconds, minutes, and hours..



Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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  1. Inspiring stuff my friend. Poem is wonderful too. Exciting times re the novel too. Mines at a proofers now and the publishing decision looms close….seems we are in a similar boat 😇

    I can hook up on Twitter and Facebook…the others show my newbieness…not got a handle on those yet but one day….I’m not even sure about Twitter yet 😇

    I must visit more and not rely on the reader to see when you post….my emails probably have it but I get so many sometimes I just mass delete…which is bad but time and all that 🤔

    1. Thank you Gary. Will check out your FB too, just followed you on Twitter. I mainly use WordPress, and Twitter, FB lags behind a bit.. Happy writing, and good luck with your book and all the decisions that inevitably follow. 🙂

      1. Any time and thanks for the follows which are all returned 🙃 No idea what I’m doing in Twitter mind you….but that’s not new for me 🤔

      2. General rule of thumb on twitter is to retweet, like and generally be supported and helpful to other folks… that’s what I’ve tried to do anyway and it seems to be working. If you can write a few short snappy tweets from time to time that helps too!

      3. Oooh….that’s proper advice that is…I shall give that a try. Thank you 😊💐

  2. Hi Marje! I enjoyed your poem and quotes as well. Love the second one. It’s so exciting when you’re almost at the end and publishing your book is at arm’s length. Enjoy!👏🏻😀

  3. wonderful images sprang into my head by your beautiful words Marje!! Gorgeous poem, full of longing and mystery! ( and I love fiddlers and riddlers).

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