Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 24: Hats


For Hugh’s Weekly Challenge the prompt word is hats. I don’t tend to wear hats very often unless it’s a woolly hat in the cold. But last October I donned my Witch’s hat in the spirit of Halloween… In case you missed it, here’s your chance to get reacquainted with me wearing a red velvet witch’s hat !



What fun, I love dressing up!

Halloween is a long time away…. what is a good witch going to do until then?

If you’d like to join in Hugh’s Photography Challenge here’s the link: (the challenge is open until Monday May 9th.)

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Hats

Oh, just found this: Flavorwire: 30 photos of famous authors in hats.


Do you wear hats? Have a favourite? Like to dress up?

Or perhaps like me you keep them for cold days…. or Halloween!

Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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  1. Halloween is less than 6 months away, Marje, so get that witches hat ready. 🎃
    What great fun you had with that photo. That’s what I was hoping my photo challenges would produce. Thank you for sharing the fun with us all.

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