Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Magic And Stars


It has been an age since I have written any haiku. Sigh!

Recently  Denis at haiku hound commented on one of my posts, but added – where are your haiku? Good point Denis – his comment prompted me to write this post! Thanks so much for the encouragement. 🙂

Denis is a keen haiku poet, photographer and also has some stunning afghan hounds – do check out his blog:  Haiku Hound – Afghan Hounds

I have really missed joining in with Ronovan’s weekly challenge. Unfortunately I have just been so busy job hunting, editing my manuscript, etc, etc.

Good news – I now have a new job… More about that soon. It’s a bit of a secret. Kyrosmagica likes secrets but all will be revealed soon. But one things for certain I doubt that you will guess what my new job is, as it is quite unusual.

This weeks prompt really caught my attention… Magic and stars. Kyrosmagica is all about the magical moments in life whether it’s simply reading a book, walking and observing the beauty all around us or engaging in creative endeavours. Kyrosmagica also tries to reflect on the deeper aspects of life – you can’t have light without a touch of darkness… But today, I’m feeling lighthearted so let’s celebrate love with Ronovan’s beautiful prompt words magic and stars!

My haiku is inspired by my recent visit to Tavira, in the Portugese Algarve. To find out more about Tavira do visit this excellent website: Tavira Uncovered. In this quaint town there is a bridge dedicated to love! All along the bridge padlocks are attached, with the names of partners, husbands, wives, and lovers!

This particularly bright pink padlock caught my eye. I do hope that Stefan and Claudia are still together!


Magical Fireworks Explode

Stars twinkle brightly,

Magical fireworks explode,

When I’m near to you.


Stars padlocked our love,

In magical Tavira,

Love you forever.


The key’s ours alone,

No one else can break the bond,

Magic star of love.


This bridge links our love,

A magical star glistens,

On this pink full heart.


© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

Tavira is such a lovely quaint place to visit, with an oldie world charm, so with that in mind here are some of my photos to tempt you:

Two views from either side of the lovers!!! bridge ….




 My daughter looking tiny amongst the quaint old buildings!

There are some lovely churches in Tavira:


Of course when love hits the mark it’s truly magical, and so is Tavira. If you’d like to see my other Portugal post do visit here: Portugal Missing You

I hope you liked my haiku. Do join in with Ronovan’s challenge.

Here’s the link to find out more: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Magic and Stars

Oh and see if you can guess what my new job is…

Bye for now, much love. Happy Sunday!





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  1. You have excelled Marj, I think you were just working on the creative energies when you took that short haiku break. These 4 are superb. The photos also confirm old European cities are so wonderfully preserved and low scale

  2. Hi Marje! I like your haiku results and also am hoping the pair whose name on the padlock are still together 🙂 I am a romantic at heart! Great to hear you got a new job ~ congrats!!

  3. Love the haikus, Marjes – I’ve missed reading yours! Great pictures of Portugal, so quaint and magical quality about it. And a mystery job…I’ll just have to be patient to find out! Have a great weekend – we are popping into Cambridge to meet friends and try out the punts and fingers crossed there isn’t a downpour this time!

  4. This charming padlock inspired truly beautiful and romantic haikus, Marje. Congrats on your new job! I am very intrigued, it must be something very exciting. Have no idea, though 🙂

  5. Magic and stars! I like the way you describe those neverending moments of joy.. If only we were more aware of them… Our lives would be far happier !
    The poem is moving and very well penned.. There is always something similar to magical fireworks exploding when we have special feelings for someone…. Thanks for sharing dear Marje!… Sending love & best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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