The Curse of Time: Pre-Publication News

I am having a bit of a break through in terms of my publishing plans:

First I’ve changed the name of my manuscript from The Krystallos Cottage to The Curse of Time. This has had quite an impact on the general direction of the novel, with more emphasis on the dark side of the story. But the theme of light/darkness, and good/evil, still prevails. I have done some extra research into self harm, anxiety, and schizophrenia as one of my characters self harms.

There are still lots of light-hearted aspects in the crystals, storyline, dialogue, etc. So I do hope that this will have something for everyone.

I have had two beta readers working hard to make my manuscript the best it can be.  Graeme Cumming author of Ravens Gathering read through the first draft and my bookworm daughter/budding writer Natasha Mallon, has been reading through the final draft, both have done an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough. So the final beta read is now done and I am in the final stages of editing.

At last, it’s nearly there. There will be lots of work to do…. edits of chapters, removal of one chapter, some extra work on dialogue, a few paragraphs here and there that are unnecessary, and I have been working on three short but hopefully powerful chapters to develop the dark aspect of the story.

At the moment it looks as if it is likely that the finished novel will be aimed at the YA market.

In the meantime I’m busy writing my author bio and my blurb…

As well as this I’ve won an month’s advertising in Jenny At Neverland’s blog in November and I’ve decided that would be the ideal time to get everything ready for publishing. Fingers crossed! So, perhaps I may get this book out in time for Christmas….

More news, I’ve  contacted the inventor of the Corpus Chronopage, Dr John Taylor  OBE, to ask for permission to use an image of this celebrated local clock and tourist attraction on my book cover.  My manuscript has been approved by his publicist Tina Fotherby at Famous Publicity. This is great news – now I know that my book cover is going to be pretty striking.

So now I’m getting some ideas together regarding cover photography and Wendy Anne Darling is going to knock it all together for me:

How exciting!

I am considering the possibility of a domain name for this blog too. I’m fond of Kyrosmagica but wonder whether my author name should appear in my domain. If anyone has any advice do let me know.


Here are some more photos of The Corpus Chronograph courtesy of John C Taylor OBE.

The first is of Dr John C Taylor and his magnificent invention.


This one is the Grasshopper with his shadow… pretty cool! Especially as one of the themes in my book is shadows…

The Corpus Christi Chronophage (1)


The Corpus Chronophage at dusk

The Corpus Chronophage at dusk

The scary grasshopper in all his close-up glory!  EEK!

Corpus Christi Chronophage Detail

Copyright Dr John C Taylor OBE

Copyright Dr John C Taylor OBE

Do let me know what you think of the Corpus Chronopage images. I am absolutely thrilled with them… So one of these with the right dpi (not all pass the level of dpi required for a book cover,) will be gracing my front and back cover. Decisions, decisions!




Bye for now.





  1. Good morning, Marje. I am excited for you. I like the book cover you selected. I don’t see any color in grasshopper’s eye in the first photo, and I think the color does add something to the mood (Maybe add the color with post processing?). As far as the domain name, I think there is an advantage of using author’s name, so the same web site can be used for your 2nd, 3rd book. In the case of that this book becomes very popular and more readers remember the book title instead of author’s name — I believe readers can still search your book title and find your site.
    But I am not an expert on this 😉 Just my thoughts…
    Have a great day.

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  2. Lovely to hear how the book is coming on, Marje. There will always be decisions, but I’ve always believed in that gut instinct. If you feel its right, then go for it.
    The book cover is going to look amazing. Certainly an eye catcher.
    Keep up the great work. I look forward to featuring both you and the book on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for all your continued support and encouragement Hugh. Likewise happy to feature you and your forthcoming short story book too. I think you’re right about gut instinct, shall see what the first draft of the book cover looks like and go from there. 🙂

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  3. The photos are beautiful! Congratulations!
    Regarding the domain name, it is always better to go with your name. Most writers do this, but of course there are exceptions.
    Wish you the very best with your book, hope it is out by Christmas 🙂

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  4. Congratulations Marje!!😀 You are soon there!! I’m very excited for you and you seem very organised with what you have achieved so far and what needs doing. Well done to both you and also your beta readers for all the hard work. Wow! To be allowed to feature the Corpus clock is an honour indeed. We were there last week and met our friends by the clock – a wonderful landmark in Cambridge. I liked seeing the inventor in your photo too. Hope you have a few relaxing moments whilst you’re completing your book. Warmest wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Annika, yes it is indeed an honour to feature such a stunning invention. I find the clock quite eerie and fascinating and just hope that my book will live up to the expectations of having such a marvellous image on the cover. Nerves are beginning to start!! The closer it gets the more I’ll be needing a few stiff drinks to get me through!!

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  5. PS. Here is a couple of ideas re: domain name – I think you should either use a totally new author website with your name as its name – you could link it to your blog. On the website post totally your book related material, bio, book signings, reviews etc. Or otherwise, yes, possibly change the name of this blog – but kyrosmagica has become well-known in its own right – tricky. Good luck!

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    • Thanks Graeme. It’s been one of the most difficult, frustrating things I’ve ever attempted to do. I sometimes wonder if being a writer is slightly masochistic! I must stop beating myself up about it! The frightening idea is a sequel… Eek!! After I launch this one I’m going to have a stiff drink, and treat myself to a spa day or something…

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