Fireworks!!! Nearly Missed Them!!


Just a quick blog post to share this photo  of the Fireworks on Midsummer Common in Cambridge. We had it all planned, a quick meal, and then straight to the fireworks. What could possibly go wrong?  Everything! We had a long wait to be seated at our chosen restaurant, as it was ridiculously busy. Then when we finally managed to get our table, they lost our food order. Luckily they gave us 25% off the bill plus two free drinks. After all that I was getting quite tipsy, and needed to eat something. Luckily the food did come, and was very tasty. But, time was running out. I had to pop to the toilet and by the time I’d taken two phone calls, (whilst in there,) we nearly missed it all!!!

All was not lost I just managed to capture this beauty lighting up the skies between the houses.

Do you enjoy fireworks?  I love them. They always make me feel positive, as if they light up the sky with their little rays of hope. The only problem with fireworks and bonfire night is the wretched temperature. I can’t cope with being cold… I have to wrap up!

I have lots of plans for November, it’s my birthday later this month! So more about that nearer the time. I will be having a little birthday reveal on my Instagram – my little treat to myself! We all need to have something special to look forward to…

Before I go perhaps I should leave you with my Instagram link:

Hope Monday is treating you well and not squashing the life out of you! Very amused to see that a bodybuilder/personal trainer is following me on twitter. Is he trying to tell me something? I know I need to get fit but… knowing me I’d get crushed by the weights or drop them on my foot or something.





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  1. Happy Monday! Let’s do this 🙂 🙂 Great to see you made it to the fireworks! And I’m sure you’re looking forward to your birthday soon… let’s have cake 😀

  2. Glad you got to see some fireworks! It is always freezing cold on bonfire night so good idea to be thoroughly wrapped up. Since starting Twitter I have noticed some unusual followers and wondered if they were trying to tell me something – many life motivational folks! Have a great lead up to your birthday – the way this month is already rushing past it won’t be long until it’s time to celebrate!

  3. That’s a fantastic photo, Marje. You’ve really captured the atmosphere of Bonfire Night.
    Unfortunately, our dog, Toby, is frightened of Fireworks, so we spend the evening indoors with him. The TV is on loud and we try and take his mind off all the noise outside by playing games with him and making sure he gets plenty of extra cuddles. He made it through another Bonfire night and a few bottles of wine helped us get through it.

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