#TheBloggersBash 2017 – My 3rd time!!

On Saturday 10th June I caught the train to London in the early hours of the morning and travelled to the much-anticipated Bloggers Bash.


I bought a new dress, jewellery and even did my nails….


In typical Marje fashion I did some nutty things on route, starting with trying to get through the barriers with an invalid, outdated ticket. This gave me a mini case of palpitations until I realised that I had the correct ticket in my wallet! Thereafter, I had a sneaky feeling that something else would happen and it did. I jumped on the tube at St Pancras without checking what I was doing. Of course, this meant that I was now headed in the opposite direction to the way I should have been going, so I jumped off, gave myself a stern talking to and sorted myself out!

Phew…. thereafter it was easy peasy. Blogging pal, committee member Geoff’s instructions were great … Though, I didn’t hear any giggles to follow, so that was a bear faced, or in Geoff’s case, a pink beard face lie! Miraculously, I arrived at the hotel with time to spare.

Thereafter, it was a blast. So many faces, both new and not so new. Bloggers from far away, bloggers from London, bloggers from just about every neck of the woods. Have bloggers will travel.

It was fantastic, my third event. Here’s my impressions of the First,  and Second Bloggers Bash.

A big thank you to the committee for organising this labour of love: SachaGeoff , Ali  and Hugh.

I failed miserably at taking photos during the event – Bloggers Bashes do that to me – obviously I struggle to talk and take photos, but there are loads of photos on Facebook on the #bloggersbash page: Facebook: Bloggers Bash & ABBA Awards.

But I did take this one of Sherri, Sally, and Mary.

Can you believe it? Three years of bashes!  This year’s bash felt grown up. It occurs to me that, in retrospect, the first bloggers bash reminded me of those first baby blogger steps into the unknown,  the second bash involved toddling off confidently and now we’re all grown up and have progressed to an International Bloggers event! Very posh.

So, who knows what the fourth bash will bring? Exciting times ahead. I just hope they get proper name badges next time rather than those sticky labels that refuse to stick to your dress and travel up your arm, waltz around your skin and end up being worn as a bracelet.

If you haven’t been to a bash before and would like to come, here are several reasons why I think you should:

  1. You will learn a huge amount. At this event there were discussions about social media, Pinterest, and many blogging tips from the panel of experts: SuzieElena and Christoph.
  2. It’s fun.
  3. You’ll meet loads of like-minded people.
  4. It’s a great opportunity to network with other writers and authors.
  5. We are all introverts so we know what it’s like to come to your first event.
  6. You’ll feel welcome. Everyone is very friendly.
  7. There are cakes, (this has to be a good thing,) biscuits, tea and coffee,  and alcohol too!
  8. You will find that there are hugs a plenty, from huggable Hugh who is our resident king of the hugs,  but newsflash – Hugh may have competition. Our inspiring Shelley is huge on hugs. She gave me a real bear hug as I was leaving – it took my breath away.

After the talks and discussions I rewarded myself with a great big carrot cake cupcake  – just one of Ritu’s delicious recipes which she brought along. It melted in my mouth – so delicious. I had a ‘wee’ drink but not too much, as I had a sneaky feeling that getting home inebriated would be a bad idea for someone who can’t even find their way whilst sober!

The lovely Ritu, and Willow accompanied me from the venue, until sadly we drifted off our separate ways home. I ended up on the slow train to Cambridge which stopped at every bl***dy stop. This meant that I had to walk about a mile to my bus stop from the train station in my (for me,) high heels, to catch the last bus to the back water I call home. Yes, our sad little village has a last bus home at 8.40pm, thereafter you have to wait until 10pm for the next one!

Guess who I saw on my way home ? My youngest riding towards me on her bike. So I asked her where she was going. Bad idea, I should have run, but in those heels, I had no chance. She had forgotten her keys so I ended up going back home with her and taking her out in my car. What a sucker, such a soft-hearted mother, that’s me. Luckily, I had only had one drink, so could drive!

The story doesn’t end there…

No, there were chips, and a very dodgy scampi supper to consume. I wish I hadn’t. The scampi oozed milky liquid which really didn’t look edible. Still, I survived, I have a tough old stomach that can consume such dubious delicacies with no ill effects.

And… In the short while I was away… a mere day, my hubby decided it would be a good idea to let my daughter have her first driving lesson. He let her reverse his car out of our very tricky driveway. Whatever possessed him? So, wonder of wonders she had a bit of an accident. He said ‘crashed,’ but I checked the damage and luckily it is a mere scratch! It could have been a lot worse!

So the moral of the story? Next time, I will be staying over in London so no one can find me, or assault my stomach with a chip supper or request that I lift them anywhere in my car, even if it means that my hubby does something crazy!

Ha ha!

Sorry for that waffle, un-bloggers bash yarn. I thought it was funny and hoped you might do too!

Who did I chat to? Loads of folk…  methinks they were… perhaps…

Ritu, Graeme, Noelle, Sherrie, Helen, Mary, Eloise, Jools, Steve, SueEllen, Lance, Sally, Suzie, Icy, Matt, Susie, Adam, Ruth,  Shelley, Jessica, Willow, Christoph Allie,  Jo  and the committee of course!  If I’ve left anyone off, just give me a stern telling off next time you see me.

It was such a shame that Esther couldn’t make it this year as she was moving house that very day and of course there were many others who would have loved to have come but couldn’t join in the fun. They were sorely missed too.

But there is always another year, another opportunity.

The date has been set for next year’s bash so don’t forget to put it in your diary:

9th June 2018. It sounds a long way off but don’t believe it, before you know it I’ll be on a tube going the wrong way again.

Bye for now, much love,



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53 thoughts on “#TheBloggersBash 2017 – My 3rd time!!

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  1. You sound like you had as many mishaps as me but hey that’s the spice of life! It was brilliant meeting up again ! Perhaps next year we should all meet up and stay over together to avoid travelling and returning home mishaps! 💗💖😉

  2. It was such a great day, and I am glad I got to spend a little more with you this year Marje!
    Roll on next year eh!!!!

  3. It was great to meet up with you, Marje, and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets lost and has mishaps. Meant to say on Saturday, I love the necklace.

  4. y homeward journey of an hour and a quarter ended up taking four and a half… so you have my sympathies, Marje! That dress looked gorgeous, though 🙂 x

  5. Gosh you had an eventful day, Marje! Yes the BB has certainly changed from that first random get together, but I have very fond memories of it. Looking forward to the next one!

  6. Before we know it we will all be on a blogging writing retreat maybe on a campsite ! Campers, motorhomes, tents and barbecue’s. Spendour money on cases of cheap Belgium beer and fizz. We’d spend the days sorting eachothers blogs troubleshooting and branding, sharing our strengths and strengthening our weakneses. . By night we’d sing around the barbie and plan the next year, we’d all go home winners clutching classy cirtificates and virtual badges on our blogs. Whoops I may have got carried away *sigh* like a child not wanting her birthday to end. I returned full, satiated and content looking forward to meeting you all again. 😇

    1. Wow, that sounds awesome. Love it! I know what you mean about not wanting it to end. It just seemed to fly past this year. I’m definitely staying over next time! A bbq sounds fabulous! An idea to propose to the committee!

      1. I got carried away but now I want to do it, did you know there is a campsite right in London? *rubs chin* thinking cap is on.

  7. Fabulous recap Marje. You look wonderful And thanks for the photo of Mary, Sal and Sherri. I love seeing the peeps I talk to most of my waking hours. 🙂 x

    1. Thank Debby. Wish you could have been there…. Sorry I did an abysmal job of taking photos – too busy talking to as many folk as I could manage. The day just flew past, enjoyed it so much. 🙂 x

      1. No apologies necessary Marje. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the festivities and only wish later we’d taken more moments to capture on camera. 🙂 xx

      2. Every time there is a bash this always happens! Rare for me as I so enjoy taking photos but sometimes the sheer excitement of conversing with other writers and bloggers needs my undivided attention!

  8. Great share…lol…trains – that’s why I bus everywhere as you can guarantee I would end up somewhere totally random. Pleased you had a good tie and enjoyed yourself too 🙂 xx

  9. Much fun to read this. I’m a bit green with envy- how I’d love to meet so many friends that I’ve only ‘connected’ with through our blogs. Thanks for sharing your exciting day. 💚

  10. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fun day. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t be there. Just a thought on the name stickers. Perhaps everyone should laminate a business card and get a lanyard to wear – no need for extra stickers, and great for self-promotion. Those stickers never stick!

  11. Oo-er, you had quite the adventure it seems, and not just during the Bash! Glad to hear you didn’t suffer much from your chip supper, that would have been an unpleasant end to the day!
    It was wonderful to meet you and I enjoyed chatting to you about your books. You are now one of the many bloggers and writers I will be referencing in order to give myself a good kick up the bum whenever I am falling into a writing slump. Thank you for being both inspiring and excellent company on the day 🙂

  12. My goodness, Marje, your day could be made into a movie and a book with what happened to you. It was so great to see you again. One of the original attendees of The Bloggers Bash. I still remember that day so well, along with the story of the soapsud creature you had written about just before it.
    Thanks for sharing your version of the day with us.I’ll be editing the video later, and am so looking forward to publishing it. 😎

    1. Yes, it was an eventful day! Enjoyed it so much Hugh. So lovely to see you again. Looking forward to seeing the video of the event. And so glad that you remember my soapy story, way back then… 🙂

  13. Having arrived early for the Bash itself, I seem to have been very late to every post about it. Good to read your own experiences, though. And it was good to see you again, though we didn’t get to chat as much as previous years. Good luck with the book launch!

    1. Hi Graeme.. No we didn’t get such a chance to chat so much this year. We will have to make up for it next time! By the way did you opt to join the committee? And many thanks for the good luck wishes Graeme. 🙂

      1. Oh yes, I see what you mean… very brave of you to succumb to the dictatorship Graeme. You do know that now you will have to be classed as a minion. Watch out!!!


  14. I found this piece on what happens at a bloggers bash very interesting to read because I have never been to a bloggers bash mainly because as I have never been nominated for an award plus the train fair from Ashford Kent to London is quite expensive. Although I would love so much to chat and meet other bloggers at a bloggers bash. But sadly it would only really worth my while going if I was up for an award. I am really glad there is tea and cakes as I am such a big fan of tea and cakes. Maybe I am a bit too early but I do wish every blogger who is up for an award in 2018 all the very best. Suzanne xx.

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