We had Olivia Remes visit our work today for #MentalHealthAwarenessDay. Olivia is a  PhD candidate at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health.  She gave a talk about mental health focussing on anxiety, depression and compulsive obsessive disorder. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to record today’s talk so instead I thought I’d share the above link I found on twitter.

Also this article is very interesting: Naked Scientists – Is Social Media Affecting Mental Health. I do believe there is a lot of truth in this, we need to switch off our phones at bedtime – the constant sound of them beeping in the night cannot be good for us! I always leave mine well out of earshot! But, the younger generation are particularly prone to doing this. SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILES AT BEDTIME!!!!

You can read Olivia’s other articles here: https://www.cam.ac.uk/people/olivia-remes

What do you think? Is the overuse of social media damaging our mental health? Are we in danger of becoming depressed by all the hyped up positivity we see on Facebook?

Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. I know several couples younger than myself, leading modern, stressful lives with responsible jobs and families who will openly admit in person that life often is difficult with a constant battle to juggle every aspect. Any yet these same people paint a very embroidered view on their Facebook pages. Whilst undoubtedly they do have their happy, relaxed times (and I am glad for them) I do think there is an added pressure to portray an idyllic life in their online personas. It might be better for our mental well-being if everyone stopped competing and comparing.

    1. I agree, no one has a perfect life, we all have our ups and downs. There is nothing wrong in admitting you are having less than an idyllic day whether that is on social media or in real life.

  2. As a psychotherapist I can say it is time we admit that everyone had some degree of mental health struggle. Some have more struggles than others, and it is our obligation to make their well being our priority. Thank you for highlighting Mental Health Awareness.

  3. I think Social Media can affect people suffering with mental health problems in a number of ways. As you have mentioned, striving to have the ‘perfect life’ or look a certain way, perhaps envying those that we perceive to have that kind of life, even though we all know there is no such thing. Finally, and this for me is the most important, young people taking their own lives, as you hear so many stories of kids being bullied mercilessly not only at school but on social media too. There is no escape for them and in some instances they have almost been goaded into it. So terribly tragic.

    1. Bullying is a huge issue Judy and one that needs addressing. I personally don’t think that schools deal with it effectively. Sadly, not all youngsters are able to cope which is very sad. And social media allows another means for bullies to flourish. Often it seems to me that the bullies are the ones that get the most help and the person who is being bullied is almost blamed as if they were the ones who caused all the trouble.

      1. I totally agree here, Marje. The victims rarely get the support that they need, and for some of the bullies, despite all of the help they get, they are still going to continue!

  4. I will watch it, dear Marje,… we live in hectic times… and that might lead us to forget the value of the present time… among other things… Thank you for raising awareness on this important issue!. Love & best wishes!

  5. Absolutely, too much technology isn’t good for lots of things, – health, relationships, etc. Put down the phones and music and step away from the computer. 🙂 x

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