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Goodreads Synopsis:

15-year-olds Philippa and Danny have been best friends for years, but things are starting to change between them. Danny has a new set of friends – the rugby boys – and suddenly whispers of ‘Phil the Thrill’ start to follow Philippa around school, and she knows exactly where those rumours started.

One evening, Philippa escapes to an abandoned seaside house to clear her head, but quickly discovers that she is far from alone. Not only has Danny secretly followed her, the two of them are about to witness something that will change their lives for ever.

A mysterious Society is meeting in the house to try to summon Death, and Danny and Philippa are caught up in their dark spell. The pair manages to escape but they soon realise that they’re being followed by two children who, as they begin to talk, claim to not be human. Where do these creatures really come from? And what is that they want?

I won a copy of Not Yet Dark via a twitter competition and as soon as my copy arrived I had a very good feeling about this novel and my good feeling turned out to be intuition at its best. Yes, I’m like that sometimes!

I really enjoyed this YA novel so much. The ending was so gripping that I’ve rated this 5 stars. Strong points – amazing dialogue that carried the story so well. Little touches of humour that made me smile. A well written, engaging paranormal/fantasy/magical story with four great characters.  Just the type of novel that appeals to me.

Highly recommended.

Details  of  Simon P. Clark’s previous novel, Eren, (which I haven’t read,) from Amazon:

‘Sure to appeal to older readers with a taste for the dark side, and probably to adults as well . . . This is an impressive debut from young author Simon P. Clark, who doesn’t shy away from pushing his story to its darkest reaches. The ending will leave you shell-shocked’ (Independent on Eren)

Book Description
Beautifully written, dark and magical, Simon P. Clark’s next book after his debut, Eren, combines fantasy with reality to tell the story of two school friends who find themselves caught up in a dangerous spell after they witness a mysterious society summoning Death itself.

Authors website: http://www.simonpclark.com/

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  1. Congratulations on the win, Marje and this looks like an impressive debut novel! The cover is fantastic, striking and draws you in and a terrific premise.

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