#ABRSC Christmas/NewYear Blog Hop Party


Welcome to the Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club Christmas/New Year Blog Hop Party. I am about to reveal the book I am reading for the Blog Hop Party –  it is….

Drum roll please…

Ninja School Mum by Lizzie Chantree… I am one of her blog tour hosts (I will be welcoming her to my blog on 3rd February,) for her launch tour with Crooked Cat Books.


Anyone can join in today’s party but there are a few guidelines if you want to take part in the read and review….
1. Buy a fellow member’s book. Read and review between 1st of December and 6th January and share on Amazon, Goodreads, and your blog if you have one. Link your review to your blog post party when you have completed it.
2. Share your blog post and reviews on Twitter using the hashtag #ABRSC
3. Try if possible to review someone’s book you haven’t read before or in a different genre from one you would normally read.
4. Link back to the last person who joins the party. So we have a chain effect of party goers! Don’t forget to bring music, cake and lots of cheer! Remember to include any Christmas news you wish to share.
5. You can buy and read more than one book if you want.
6. Write reviews that are fair but honest. Apply a star rating, and write as long or short a review as you wish.
7. Choose a date between 2nd December and 6th January to write your blog/review post and add it to the comments below. Select a person to review and the name of their book, add these to the comments below so we don’t get duplicate people being reviewed more than twice. One member per review. Please review #ABRSC members or honorary members (e.g. super supportive bloggers like Hugh https://hughsviewsandnews.com/.) If in doubt get in touch with me, Debby or Colleen – click on their photos below to see their blog links.
8. You may reblog other members posts on your blog if you wish, this may encourage new people to join the club which would be great!

Also I have some fantastic news to share about Debby Gies –  https://dgkayewriter.com/ book P.S. I Forgive You via twitter:


And… Today is Debby’s launch day for her new book Twenty Years After I Do: https://dgkayewriter.com/introducing-booklaunch-twenty-years-i-do-published/

So popover to her blog and vote on Readers Choice Awards to give this lovely lady some support.


Untitled design

Please stay a while, enjoy the Christmas ambiance… Let’s light some candles, read some books, eat some sweet treats and have mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows!


And for music let me point you in this musical direction…  a gem of a find via #SundayBlogShare on Big Up Your Blog: https://justanotherblogfromawoman.blog/2017/11/24/top-ten-tunes-1977/

Please feel free to leave your links below and don’t forget to say if you intend joining in the book review blog hop. Some dates to read and review are filling up so please comment with a few possible dates below.

Love ya! Many thanks, happy first day of Advent.

Bye for now,

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    1. Hi Vashti, That’s great, have just created a Goodreads group for the read and review so we can add our reads and chat there. Have sent you an invite via messenger. Will be adding more details tomorrow. That’s for joining in. 🙂

  1. Hugs to you Sister Marje! Thank you so much for the mentions for the voting and my launch – much appreciated! And I hope to start Sally’s book later this week and hop on the blog hop! <3 xx

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