A fascinating post about numerology via Annette at our sister of the fey blog.

The Sisters of the Fey

People ask if numbers are good or bad. Many will cite examples of the numbers 13 or 666 as to why they might ask. Interesting question. My answer is this, there are no bad numbers. The only thing that makes a number good or bad is the definition YOU choose.

In numerology, every number can have many interpretations, some you might like better than others. For instance, the number 5 can mean changes in your life that you cannot control. Who would say they were comfortable with that? Especially when they already have an unpleasant emotional connection to changes. However, the number 5 can also mean, that magic and miracles are about. Is that a more uplifting thought?  Sure, for many, it speaks to hopefulness as opposed to hopelessness.

So, what do the numbers mean? Here we go!

1 – newness

2 – balance

3 – integration

4 – stability

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