Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #Cinquain #Poetry #5lines


The prompt words this week are Renew and Fresh. I chose to use improve for renew and shocking for fresh.

The idea for this particular Cinquain came from a recent critique session at Cambridge writers. I’d submitted the first draft of my prologue for Book Two. Not everyone is a fan of prologues so the comments were kind of… make it shorter…. so short it would be tiny. Dare I make it a four, five line prologue?  Anyone got any advice on tiny prologues?

I wrote this Cinquain with that in mind:

Copy of Cinquain

Hope you enjoyed my Cinquain…

Happy writing!

Bye for now,





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12 thoughts on “Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #Cinquain #Poetry #5lines

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  1. I’m quite forgiving about prologues and do like them when they’re needed … I’ve read some that go on for a page or even more … they can add an epic feeling to the book you’re about to enter … or explain a previous one. Good luck with yours! Hope you’ve had a very special Mother’s Day,Marje. Xxx

    1. Hi Annika. Thank you for your thoughts on prologues. I agree. I’ve been out for lunch with my daughter for Mother’s day. Missing my eldest, though. Can’t believe she has been away for six months. 🙁 Hope you’ve had a lovely Mother’s day too. xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing, Marje. This is a lovely cinquain. 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day! In Canada, we celebrate this special day in May. I have a twin sister and we were born on Mother’s day in 74′. My mom has been gone 20 years now, but she’s always with me. It’s a special day to celebrate all moms. XO

  3. Your Cinquain is stirring, Marje. Seed → Purpose. I like prologues when they’re short and used to set the stage for the novel. It’s a challenge to keep it short, to extract the kernels. Think ‘backdrop’ instead of ‘front and center.’ ❤

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