Authors – why you shouldn’t ignore bad reviews #wwwblogs #bookreviews

A very interesting post by Alison Williams on bad reviews. If a lower rated review gives helpful, constructive criticism then pay attention to what it has to say. But nasty, silly, or malicious reviews should always be ignored.

Alison Williams Writing


The one or two star review. It strikes fear into the heart of every author. There are reams of articles about how to handle bad reviews everywhere. And most of them give the same advice.

Ignore them, they say. Scroll right on past. Don’t take it to heart. All authors get bad reviews. Not everyone will like your book. Maybe the reviewer had an ulterior motive. Forget about it. Move on. Keep your head up.

Well, yes. To all of these. But also, no…

Writing is hard. I know that, I’m an author. You invest huge amounts of time and effort into your writing. It can be a pain. And it’s terrifying having your work out there, where it can be picked apart. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone could bear all that in mind when they write a review of your book?

But why should they? No one has…

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  1. Bad reviews never stopped me from a reading a book and sometimes people just mean but sometimes they just didn’t connect while another can. I don’t know why but I love reading the “bad reviews”, lol, I learn so much from them 😀
    But as a future author, hehe having a 1-star review does sounds scary, lol 😀


  2. I still find it so petty when malicious reviews are left for authors on their books – what a way to get back at someone! I feel sorry for people who only have revenge on their minds. Great share, MJ.


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