Authors – why you shouldn’t ignore bad reviews #wwwblogs #bookreviews

A very interesting post by Alison Williams on bad reviews. If a lower rated review gives helpful, constructive criticism then pay attention to what it has to say. But nasty, silly, or malicious reviews should always be ignored.

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  1. Bad reviews never stopped me from a reading a book and sometimes people just mean but sometimes they just didn’t connect while another can. I don’t know why but I love reading the “bad reviews”, lol, I learn so much from them 😀
    But as a future author, hehe having a 1-star review does sounds scary, lol 😀

    1. That’s good to know Galit. Up till now my reviews haven’t gone below 3 stars but of course with more reviews you can expect to get some lower ratings. Not looking forward to the prospect but I will try to be okay with it!

  2. I still find it so petty when malicious reviews are left for authors on their books – what a way to get back at someone! I feel sorry for people who only have revenge on their minds. Great share, MJ.

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