Book Review: #RRBC Son of The Serpent by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Goodreads Synopsis:

In Son of the Serpent, award-winning author Vashti Quiroz-Vega crafts another fascinating glimpse into the dark, compelling world of fallen angels and demons, revealing more about their untold stories. 

The war in heaven might be over, but the ambitions of the fallen angel Lilith reach far across the roots of history. Will there be a being powerful enough to stop her evil influence before the destruction of mankind? 

Dracúl knows he is the son of Satan, but the rest of his memory has been taken from him. Alone and frightened, he awakens in a forest, beginning a quest to piece together who he is. The world he encounters is cruel, but he yearns to belong and find companionship. With each step he takes, another missing piece of his memory falls into place, revealing a truth that is ever more troubling . . . 

A truth that will turn his quest for meaning into one fueled by the hot-blooded thirst for revenge. A truth that leads him to Lilith, the most wicked and ruthless of fallen angels and one he soon will have every reason to hate. His quest will consume him, perhaps ruin his life, but somehow Dracúl is determined to find both belonging and vengeance—to be good, in spite of his evil nature and the dark secrets that haunt him every step of the way. 


My review:

I’m reading this as part of the RRBC (Rave Reviews Book Club) group – an organisation to promote fellow RRBC members by sharing reviews etc. The founder of the group is Nonnie Jones – find more about the group here:

I received my one year membership badge in June but have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to share it yet! Oh my!

I’m a big fan of Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s dark fantasy angels series. This is the second book and I loved every minute of it, though some dark scenes had me squirming and groaning!

I read Book 1, The Fall of Lilith some time ago and reviewed that too. Here is the link to that review:

Son of The Serpent can be read as a standalone novel but I would recommend that you read book one and two to follow the story through its many wonderful moments. It is well worth it.

This is for you if you if you are a mature reader who likes dark fantasy with a biblical slant and aren’t put off by shocking aspects such as: Dracul’s mother Lilith inflicting horrible payments to cure loved ones of ailments, plus some vivid and disturbing sexual scenes too.

Highly recommended for the fluency of Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s captivating writing, the breadth of her imagination and engrossing characters.

My rating: 5+ stars plus I am marking as a favourite on Goodreads.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s blog:

What have you been reading? Have you read Son of the Serpent? Please comment below I’d love your opinion.



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Unique Selling Point: Unique, Imaginative, ‘Charming, enchanting and richly layered this is purely delightful.’

“This delightful book will appeal to teens and young adults who love stories filled with magical crystals, dark family curses, and mysteries waiting to be solved around every corner. Each chapter leads you on a journey of discovery where Amelina earns the right to use three wizard stones to reset the balance of time and finally break the curse that holds her family hostage. A captivating tale!” – Colleen M. Chesebro (Editor)


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  1. This is a fabulous review to share, Marje. Bravo to Vashti! I love Vashti’s writing and patiently waiting for my Kindle to work again so I can read this gem. Cheers to you both! 🙂

  2. I’ve read both of Vashti’s books and loved them both. Son of The Serpent had me biting my nails in many places, a wonderful, wonderful, read. xxx

  3. Hi, Marje! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ‘Son of the Serpent’ and for this wonderful post too! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book. You’ve made my Sunday night and new week! Thank you! 😀 xo

  4. Oops! I was so surprised and excited about the review, I forgot to congratulate you on celebrating your 1 year anniversary with RRBC! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I’m glad you came on board. 🙂

  5. Excellent review, Marje. I enjoyed Vashti’s books, reviewed 2 of 3, Son of the Serpent is one of them reviewed.
    I started my membership in February and I only read four books so I’m behind also. I have your book and must read it soon. 🙂

  6. What a great review, Marje. I just read The Fall of Lillith a few weeks ago and found it fascinating since I know so little about these biblically-based stories. I was intrigued by Dracul and his predicament, including growing up with such a wicked mother. Vashti is a wonderful writer and her series is unique. Thanks for the recommendation.

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