Fantasy and Sci Fi Interview – Ryder #Villain


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Welcome Ryder!

Marje: Ryder. welcome. I’m delighted to have you come talk to me today. Our readers will be excited.  I’d be thrilled if you could tell us who is Ryder and what makes you different?

Ryder – In the YA Fantasy Curse of Time Book 1 Bloodstone  I’m the beautiful hero emerging out of the shadows who comes to Amelina’s aid. I frighten away two disturbing strangers as Amelina wanders down a dangerous pathway. BUT nothing is as it seems in The Curse of Time; am I a beautiful hero, or  perhaps a mysterious villain? Amelina is puzzled and unsure where I fit in the puzzle of her unhappy life. One certainty remains: she finds me exciting, hypnotic, and exhilarating, a powerful elixir to her family difficulties.

Marje: Let’s begin – first question.
  • Define misery.
Getting old is the worst thing that can happen to someone. You become ugly when you’re old, your looks go, your flesh is weak. I desire mastery over aging, a way to remain young forever.
  • What are you renowned for?
I have a hypnotic personality. I can coerce people to do as I wish. I have such fun playing games with peoples’ emotions like a cat plays with its prey.
  • What do you appreciate most in your friends?
Loyalty. My best mate Kyle would do anything for me, he’d die for me. I like to test his loyalty from time to time…
  • What is your goal? And what obstacles stand in your way?
As I am a creature of shadow-my power comes from light. I must harness the power of the magical crystals in the Crystal Cottage, but it will not be an easy task. There are obstacles in my way: Amelina, a powerful Krystallos, Leanne, the cottage’s eccentric owner, Eruterac the creature and the cottage’s mythological protectors.
  • If you were to die what would it say on your gravestone?
I will not die suckers! Shadows always remain. Humans are weak, pathetic individuals; I am not human.
Hope you enjoyed the interview…
What would you like to know about Ryder?


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