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The prompt from Charli Mills – June 4, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about justice for all. It does not have to take place in America. Injustice exists anywhere. What is the story behind justice for all? Go where the prompt leads!

This was probably one of the hardest pieces of flash fiction I’ve ever written. There were many revisions, I hope it does some justice.

This blog does not tolerate racial hatred. This blog does not tolerate sexual discrimination, or religious bigotry.

This blog believes men and women are equal.

This blog is about unity. One world.

Who am I? I’m mixed race, my mother is Asian, my father Scottish. I’m very proud of my cultural heritage. I grew up valuing people of different races. I owe this to my mum and dad, like me they believe that cultural diversity makes the world such an interesting place. Acts of racial violence and hatred stem from ignorance.

My mother worked for a time as a housing officer, in the course of her work she was racially abused. One of the council’s tenants called her a Paki. She put him right! I also had similiar experiences when I was younger, being picked on for being different. I learnt to stand up for myself. Sadly, sometimes racists end up in positions of power, what happened to George Floyd is a tragic example of that.

The following flash fiction piece is dedicated to the memory of George Floyd and all those who have suffered at the hands of racial injustice, or who have lost their lives to cruel, racial hatred.

Jordan vowed to protect his world from deranged, hate-filled people. He vowed to be a braver man, to speak up against injustice, standing unified with his loving wife beside him.

His words: “Racism kills. It divides and discriminates.”

Her words: “We are one, we refuse to let the racists win.”

After the protest, his wife’s creamy fingers cupped his obsidian skin. Her loving eyes filled.

They both wept, remembering George Floyd.

Their thoughts raged no more hatred, ever.

Denounce racism, curtail this relentless boot inflicting suffocating death. Stop it now, end the pain.

This is for Charli Mill’s carrot ranch flash fiction challenge:

I hope for a better world, one world.

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  1. OH Marje, this must have been so hard to write. Thank you for sharing your words to spread the message during this difficult time that equality is something that we MUST uphold and racism will NOT be tolerated. HUGS

  2. Speak it, Sister! I cried, seeing the dedication. You were the only writer to think to do so, not that I expected anyone too, but it fearlessly stands up for justice. Thank you. You must have awesome parents. I would have loved to have seen the look on that person’s face after your Mum was through with him for calling her “Paki.”

    1. Ah, thank you Charli for your kind words. Yes my parents are great, love them to bits. And my mum is such a sweetie but has a fierce side too. I wouldn’t have liked to be on the receiving side of her anger!

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