#Review #5stars Lockdown Innit; Poems about Absurdity, by M. J. Mallon @Shalini_G26 @Marjorie_Mallon #newrelease

Via Didi Oviatt’s blog:

Congrats to M. J. Mallon on her new release of poetry!  I personally love poetry, but it has to be a certain way… I’m picky.  I’ve read a bit of her work in This is Lockdown so I knew going in that her style of writing is a great match to my poetry appreciation. 

MY REVIEW 5 stars:
I devoured this quick book of poetry in one sitting. It took me less than an hour and I enjoyed every page. Mallon has a way of capturing your attention, and every poem is relatable. It’s smooth easy reading offers a mix of thoughts, events, and a variety of happenings some of which are silly and some are a lot more edgy and serious. 

To read Didi Oviatt’s review in its entirety: https://wp.me/p83x16-5qk

Thank you so much to Didi Oviatt for being a part of Shalini’s awesome book blitz and for her wonderful 5 star review for my new release, Lockdown Innit.

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