Travel Diary June 2023: Aveiro #travel #Aveiro #City #Portugal #moliceiro

We took the train to Aveiro from Coimbra. It was a lovely place to spend a day. Aveiro has a Venice of Portugal feel with these brightly coloured boats, moliceiro, which have similiarities to Venetian gondolas. The boats were originally used to transport and collect a type of seaweed, moliço, which was used as a fertiliser.

This is where we bought our tickets but they can also be booked online.
People on the bridges like to wave as you pass by
This close up shows the ribbons tied to the bridges like padlocks as gestures of love in other cities! These are pretty and bring colour and life. In that respect, I prefer them to the padlocks!😍

Due to time restraints we also took a taxi to the beach. Here I am at Praia de Vagueira. It was further along than anticipated and turned out we should have gone to Praia de Costa Nova! Next time perhaps…

I really enjoyed our day trip to Aveiro. Such a lovely place to visit. I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the moliceiro guide who spoke four languages. Puts up Brits to shame. But… I am learning Portuguese!

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    1. Ah, this was a day trip destination from Coimbra, Debby, which is a good 8 hour train journey from us door to door. We rent a flat in the Portuguese Algarve. But yes, it is good to explore!’

  1. Looks like a fun trip, Marje. The ribbons are a much better idea and not so heavy as to damage the bridges. I love the boats!

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