#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 323, 6/6/2023: Spedlins Castle #spedlins #castle #Scotland #poetry #tanka #travel

I had the great fortune to stay at Spedlins Castle in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland with hubby and friends in July 2022 for a old mates University reunion. This is without a doubt, a stunning place, definitely, a location to inspire colour poetry! Actually, I think this would be a wonderful location for a writer’s retreat.

For my 1st poem, I chose the colour Green and prompt word, Earth Magic.

Green topiaries, lawns,
A garden of earth magic, 
Old friends reunite,
Curious nooks and crannies, 
Confessions and ghosts.

What a view!
Relaxing place to unwind 😌
An open door… and beautiful views.

My next poem is inspired by an open white window, (see below,) and the ghost, ‘James ‘Dunty’ Porteous who was the miller for the Village of Milhousebridge and delivered bread to the Baronet, Sir Alexander Jardine, at Spedlins Tower. James was well known for his quarrelsome nature,’ he was purported to be trapped under the staircase trap door at Spedlins Castle! Do not fear, the ghost has apparently long since been exorcised! Nevertheless, I do sense some unusual happenings at Spedlins… That’s it charm! Watch out for bats, white stone geese and creepy goings on.

You can read more about poor Dunty here: https://ghosts.fandom.com/wiki/Spedlins_Tower

White window ajar,
Tranquil scene that time forgets, 
Cruel dungeon's trapdoor,
Abandoned man, peace broken,
Confessions and ghost stories.

And my next poem is inspired by this beautiful single yellow flower on a tree…

Spedlins fairytale,
Blushing photos, lover's art,
Single yellow bud,
Clarity, sunshine and joy,
Brushstrokes, love, lush green spaces.

Here’s a photo of the steep staircase… thank goodness for comfy shoes and that rope to hold onto. We weren’t sleeping up on the highest floor but some of our friends were!

So atmospheric!

There are bookcases everywhere! And art, memorabilia and photographs.

M J Mallon

And beautiful walks…

This blog post, poems and photographs are copyright © M J Mallon 2023

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I hope you enjoyed Spedlins. I loved it

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  1. Loved the poems and photos. It looks like an amazing place to explore, Marje!

      1. Marje that looks like a perfect place to feel the magic that can inspire fantastic stories. Love looking through the pictures and imagining the spirits roaming about there.

  2. Lucky you!! Lovely colors too.
    I’ve a friend who has a home that was build about 200 years ago – but there isn’t anything like the castles (older estate homes) of Europe in the states!

      1. I got to travel with hubby when he was working… I got to stay at a B&B that claimed to be haunted… but I didn’t see the Ghost! I only heard stories of ‘it’. 😀

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