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A time-traveler oversteps his boundaries in 1887. Things get out of hand quickly, and he is hanged, setting in motion a series of events from which there’s no turning back. In 1887, LeRoy McAllister is a reluctant outlaw running from a posse with nowhere to go except to the future. In 2025, Amaryllis Sanchez is a thrill-seeking rock star on the fast track, who killed her dealing boyfriend to save herself. Now, she’s running from the law and his drug stealing flunkies, and nowhere is safe. LeRoy falls hard for the rock star, thinking he can save her by taking her back with him. But when they arrive in 1887, things turn crazy fast, and soon they’re running from both the outlaws and the posse, in peril once more. They can’t go back to the future, so it looks like they’re stuck in the past. But either when, they must face forces that would either lock them up or see them dead.

My Review

Well this was nothing like I’ve read before!

A time travelling western – what fun, flitting from 1887 to 2025.  Loved the characters, especially feisty Rockstar Amaryllis who does her worst to get away from Vegas drug dealer lover Claude. There’s lots of excitement, high speed chases, some love scenes, jail breaks, time travelling ripple effects,  and the threat of a noose around the neck is never far away!

I also enjoyed Cowboy who she takes a shine to and Monchique, Amaryllis’s best friend, a gnarled  psychic who isn’t old but sure looks it due to Werners Syndrome.

Loved the direction the ‘ending’ went with the sense there is more to come.

Highly imaginative and so entertaining! Really enjoyed.

Thank you to the author for an advanced copy. Opinions given are my own.

My rating 4 stars. Very entertaining!

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