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I’m participating in The 365 day poetry challenge on Facebook. This is organised by Melissa at The Poetry of Me MD: https://www.facebook.com/thepoetryofmemd

We are currently on Day 12 so apologies for not mentioning this earlier but I have been on holiday!

This has been a fun activity to do, and less daunting than doing Nanowrimo which I was considering. I should really be doing Nano to finish my novel but poetry won!

I’ve kept up each day writing 12 poems to date.

I wrote a few poems during my recent trip away to Majorca, (an early birthday treat!)

Here is one inspired by that trip…

Living In The Moment 

Living in the moment the cock crows announcing a new day.

Today Majorca, tomorrow Portugal.

We live this life of travels, new experiences, admiring each spectacular sunset.

Music strums the tunes of new adventures.

Wine tasting in a Mallorcan Bodega?

Talking to friends trying new foods,

Olives, local cheeses, nuts and dried fruit,

We remember bbq fish at Fuseta in Rui’s,

The sea sparkles sublime with crystal blue waters.

In Parc National de Sandragó  the ocean’s beauty is protected by cleansing algae.

In deeper waters near our hotel the evening sea is deep, black and sleek as ink.

High winds bring stormy seas and high winds,

Whilst in Palma, a man exercises near the rocks!

We laugh as sprays of water soak us.

Remembering similiar days in Cascais,

Sunshine smiles, storms, and rain bring laughter,

The cockerells and hens roam free

beside the families of feral cats

Listening to the beat of our soul

We discover new ways to live.

©️2023 M J Mallon

The Day 1 prompt was to compose an ocean related poem.

And given that I was in Majorca and saw a yacht named Ron Punch I inevitably thought of my dad, Ron. Who loves the sea, loves boats and wouldn’t say no to the odd tipple or two in his time. Now 94 he is less able sadly to go adventuring as he used to.

Ron, a drinker, was,

His yacht, Ron Punch, now lays docked

Oceans long since tamed,

Tales all told, he ponders, life,

Storms long forgotten.

He misses old times,

Such rare days his young self had,

Sighs, saluting waves.

©️2023 M J Mallon

Here are some photos from Parc National de Mondragó, as you can see it is an unspoilt, beautiful spot!

If you would like to read more of my poetry please follow my author FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mjmallonauthor

Bye for now,

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