The Best Dressed Bash 2016 #bloggersbash2016

You have until the 11th of May to order your Blogger’s Bash T Shirts. Just ordered mine…. in a small, hope I don’t eat too much cake in the meantime or I might just need a medium…. Check out this post via Geoff to find out more.


The Bloggers Bash is nearly upon us and we are getting some T shirts for those that want them. The order will be placed at the end of next week so we are extending the window for placing an order until next Wednesday, 11th May.

2016-03-09 13.23.08

These can be yours for the princely sum of £6.25. They come in white and, um, white, in three sizes: not that big (S), a big bigger (M) and bigger still but not saggy (unlike the model) (L)

If you’d like one, mail me on glepard -at – saqnet – dot – co – dot – uk with your size. I will bring your Tee on the big day!

I need your orders before 11th May 2016 to ensure I have them in time. Pretty please.

Ideally you’ll pay me via papal

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But if you don’t do paypal then let me know when you email…

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